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Features / Usability

Using and handling images and their metadata

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Hi FootlooseTraveller

Glad to hear you're having fun with trackers now! mrgreen

FootlooseTraveller wrote:
  1. How can I allow multiple mime-types in the file-field? When separating them with commata, the file browser showed all the right files, but upload failed (Tiki 21 LTS).

I usually put in image-* to allow all image types, not sure if there's a more specific way to do it (but it might be possible)

FootlooseTraveller wrote:
  1. When editing a wiki page, the input box shows some tools. One of them is "choose or upload images". How can I disable normal file upload and show my add tracker form instead, with the upload properly functioning from there, and from there only - accessible for anonymous users?

You can edit the toolbars for each section (and their comments) on tiki-admin_toolbars.php but that will change all (wiki in this case) toolbars - will that do? If not we could probably devise some javascript to remove that button from some pages only...