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Features / Usability

Using and handling images and their metadata

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Hi FootlooseTraveller

Sorry about the lack of documentation - i wrote (or revamped) tiki-admin_toolbars years ago and i suppose i hoped others would document it, but maybe no one worked out how to use it eek

1. In the icon field (on 24.x) i get an autocomplete dropdown of the (FontAwesome) icons available, do you not? It sounds not (ah, you need to type a couple of characters of what you're looking for to show the list)
2. A WYSIWYG-Token is what ckeditor calls the method you want to call then clicked, there isn't really a list apart from on ckeditor (somewhere). They're things like Copy, Paste but also PasteFromWord etc (let's call that one "advanced" ;)
3. The syntax field needs the wiki syntax for what you want the button to do, e.g. __text__ for bold (the string "text" gets replaced by the editor selection)
4. Hmm, seems the types dropdown isn't showing, select2 and bootstrap vs jquery-ui z-index issues, i'll fix that next... the types are:

  • Inline
  • Block
  • LineBased
  • Picker
  • Separator
  • FckOnly
  • Fullscreen
  • TextareaResize
  • Helptool
  • FileGallery
  • Wikiplugin

5. Again the dropdown is broken with select2 enabled, but it should show all the wiki plugins, if you pick Wikiplugin for the type (above)
6. Yes please, that page is a mess so it could do with some help! I think all the mentions of QuickTags should go, as should any references to non-supported versions (Tiki 2 and 4? surprised) I'll fill in any missing bits like what all the types mean.

Will try and fix the bugs, thanks for asking mrgreen