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Features / Usability

usage chart on stats page

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The usage chart on my stats page does not work.
It's probably something wrong with my php installation, but what?
I'm using Apache 2 on Mandrake 10.

On the side, and I don't know if it is related, I have noticed that the "thumbnail" in the image gallery is the same size as the full image.
You can see that on http://radagast.amedee.homeip.net:8000/tiki/tiki-browse_gallery.php?galleryId=1.

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The chart module was using a non LGPL module so was removed

If your using GD image library it wont support GIFs
also check in phpinfo() to see that GD is actually loaded.


posts: 59 Belgium

OK, thanks for the info. I understand that keeping a project fully GPL'ed means making some sacrifices sometimes.

What is the last version of tikiwiki where the chart module still did work? I'm not totally stoopid redface, perhaps I could figure out myself how to restore the chart module.