Best place for development and other support?

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Since you have started the move towards the 1.9 release, I thought it would be helpful to give it a try, and as I do, if I have questions or problems with modules or behavior, it would be nice to know what the best forum was to address that.

Should those issues be brought up here? Damian said this forum isn't the right one for bug reports. But what if you just don't know?

Probably the most frustrating thing I have found with Wiki's in general, is that they are so flexible that it is not usuaally clear as to how and where to look for information. It is difficult, being new to Tiki to know where to go for support and community interaction. There are the Forums on SF, and also mailing lists on SF, and of course the Forums on Tikiwiki.org, and Forums on the mods.tikiwiki.org site. Anf finally there are comments on the various pages on the various sites.

My guess would be that the Forums and Mailing lists on SF appear to be redundant with the forums on tikiwiki. If so, maybe they should be killed. If they aren't redundant, then what topics should I take there, and what should I take here?

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I must have read wrong, but I thought 1.9 pre's would be released yesterday?
hope its soon since I really love testing and using this good stuff.....