Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Database Broke

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Tikiwiki at ModernSciFi.com will no longer interact properly with the database.
People cannot sign up without the following error and I can no longer sign in as admin unless I do a lost password and reset each time.

New registrations get the following error:

An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-register.php
Url tiki-register.php
insert into `users_users`(`login`, `password`, `email`, `provpass`, `registrationDate`, `hash`, `pass_confirm`, `email_confirm`, `created`, `valid`, `openid_url`, `lastLogin`, `waiting`) values(?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?,?)
0 kjhsdkj
2 thisisatester1200 at email.com
4 1248389515
5 $1$xY9Kl37r$/qZKLAFubl.r12WF5thQB0
6 1248389515
7 1248389515
8 1248389515
9 qwerty

Built query was probably:
insert into `users_users`(`login`, `password`, `email`, `provpass`, `registrationDate`, `hash`, `pass_confirm`, `email_confirm`, `created`, `valid`, `openid_url`, `lastLogin`, `waiting`) values('kjhsdkj',,'thisisatester1200@email.com',,'1248389515','$1$xY9Kl37r$/qZKLAFubl.r12WF5thQB0','1248389515','1248389515','1248389515','qwerty','',NULL,NULL)

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

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As a follow up, the tikiwiki is version 3.1.
When I installed it asked me to update the database. I used existing database that it found it was connected to already and did an update to what it call the "improved" or "advanced version" 4, I believe.

As a note, the database was acting this way even before the upgrade, which is what prompted me to try the upgrade in the first place.

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Hi govnor:
I'm afraid that your tiki site didn't get your db upgraded, for waht you say.
I'd suggest to read the docs about Upgrade2to3, and upgrade the database, if that's the only thing needed.

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I did the database update again and it said it was successful.
At the moment, I cannot even sign in as admin to my site to try to make any further fixes.

Why would tikiwiki not properly communicate with my database?

NOTE: In user email verification mode, it would overwrite the database "password" with a blank entry.

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govnor, I would say: install tiki (the same version) in local, and through phpmyadmin or similar check table users_users, in order to compare it with the table you have in your broken installation.
That would give you more hints , I guess, about where might the problem be...
Maybe it's just some field that you need to hack in your db, that by some misterious reason it's missing for you.

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You might want to run a database repair from phpMyAdmin. If that doesn't fix any problems, then it's possible that your Web host isn't allowing the Tiki installer to update the database.

My host had to relax several mod_security rules before I could successfully upgrade to TW 3.0

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