Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Community and *.tiki.org site organization

Probably the main problem with Tiki

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OK, I am really wondering if sometimes the Tiki Team ask themselves: "how can we get a bigger market share", "how to increase our user base", "let's make Tiki a usefull and wonderfull thing" and so on...

Because here is your answer: it's not like I didn't read stuff, but it's nowhere to be found such info, it's not like I didn't try things, but this is like going blindfolded and armed with a stick against Dog in Game of Thrones, it's not like I didn't ask in chat and on forums or didn't respect the rules/provided the info/set up a test zone/explained everything, but it's more like you choose to ignore... your own forums?

How do you expect to grow/mantain a community, if you just don't, and to make people more involved when you are not involving? How do you expect to promote a "groupware" application without paying attention to your own users?

This is pure unconcern for anything user related. I have two (very legitimate and of general interest) questions, one regarding LDAP and another about the trackers, for 2 weeks and no one steps in to say: "dude, you can't do that/it doesn't work" or "you can, read this or make that". Two damn sentences would be enough.

What do you expect on the forums? The users to answer users? No, they can't do that, because you don't help them in the first place.

Ever wonder why MediaWiki/Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress/other web apps are where they are, and why Tiki is not, even if it fully deserves this? Because everything starts and ends with you.

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Hi fakemoth

Thanks for your message. You are probably quite right in what you say.

As far as I am concerned, I can't cope with everything: documenting, coding, discussing/designing new features with other developers, testing/bug reporting, etc.

Every now and then, I do my best to reply in forums (you can notice by the number of posts I have in forums, plus the ones as user xavidp, which is me also), thanks to the alert shown on Irc regarding forum posts, besides many other things shown there. Specially when I consider that I may know the answer to that question, or that the title is intriguing enough (like in this case) and I have some time that day for reading it.

Regarding your question about LDAP, I'm a newbie in LDAP, so if I read something about LDAP, I'll leave that for somebody else to reply.

And yes, we probably expect that (we) users help more the other users in the forums. I mean, I see that you have 16 posts right now in t.o forums. And if your problems are with trackers and LDAP, I guess that you know enough from the basics in order to be able to help other people in the forums, with more basic questions than yours.

Of course I have no doubt that some of your 16 posts have been to help other users requesting basic help, because this is the way that this community is sustainable. Most of the work here is done by volunteer users like you and me.

Welcome on board to make this Community better.

FYI, most developers follow the tikiwiki-devel ("Development") email list, and many do follow the tikiwiki-users ("Users") email list (see http://tiki.org/Mailing+Lists ). But probably just a few developers do follow regularly the t.o forums, maybe because they are somewhat overflooded with newbie questions, that other users in tiki using the forums can answer them.

My 2 cents.

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Hello Xavi, and thanks for the answer. I understand how open source works, and what a online community for such a project is; it's just that in most cases, some of the developers take the time (at least for starters, or for the heavy topics) to answer by rotation. Well at least the hard ones, because no one, if you don't make them known, will ever have the answers. And valuable work it's in vain if the user can't... make use of it.

As a side note - I consider Tiki a great piece of software, I see the value in it and I am very grateful it exists. I will drop the upgrade to Joomla 3.3 for my personal/company web sites in favor of Tiki and that alone means I truly love this wiki.

But somehow I have second thoughts. And my clients too - when I show them Tiki they have 2 (and only 2) reactions:
-they are intimidated - but this one I can easily overcome and in fact it's the best thing about Tiki, the number of options and the flexibility;
-they resist it because the second thing they are checking it's the community base, the forums, the tutorials, ans the whole ecosystem (wich kind of... doesn't exists, not to the scale they are used to) and this is a problem.

I don't think I am making a big fuss for nothing. Most of the time the developers have of course better things to do. But... it's not like you have hundreds/thousands post per day. Because there are only a few. Trust me.

Also I don't intend to just whine: "give me this, give me that, for free". I will help, but I am not ready for the forums, I have only 3 Tiki implementations, and some tests. For now I am starting with translating Tiki in Romanian (Română), my native language, as you can see it here on Transifex https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/tiki-12x-romanian-translation/ it's now at 12% this means well over 1k strings of about 10K. For now are only the ones I consider very important. And as I translated everything Joomla 3 in Romanian, mostly by myself, I will do the same thing for Tiki, even if it'll take a year.

BTW please use it in the next (13 if you can) version! The current default translation comprises only a few sentences.

Have a nice day.

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Just to add my $0.02.... if no one responds to your posts, it could be that no one has encountered the issue before you. Don't forget, that in addition to the user-to-user support forums, email lists, and IRC, you can always hire a Tiki specialist.


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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grasp the first principle and stick to it.
the KISS principle. keep it simple stupid.

too many sub sites. too many divided information on divided sub sites.
I believe most of the information we are looking for is actually in somewhere in these dvided sub.sites if not already deleted.
Need a master plan.