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I am trying to create a multilingual article and it is not working. I created the article then hit "translate". It them looks like you create a wiki page of the translated article page. But after I am done the translated page shows up as a standalone wiki page and not linked to the article page at all????

My understand how the link is made is by records being inserted into the 'tiki_translated_objects' table. There is no new records inside the table after I translate my article.

Also when I create an article in the first place I cannot pick the language, defualts to English.

Does anyone have any idea what I did wrong?

I am current using version 2.2


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I suggest you try the demo and try to see if the problem appears there. In which case, a simple upgrade is in order.

Best regards,

M ;-)

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I just tried the demo site and get a db error "An error occured in a database query!"

File tiki-editpage.php
Url tiki-editpage.php?page=testing2_tw
insert into `tiki_translated_objects` (`type`,`objId`,`lang`) values (?,?,?)
0 wiki page

Built query was probably:
insert into `tiki_translated_objects` (`type`,`objId`,`lang`) values ('wiki page',NULL,NULL)

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have the same problem with Tikiwiki 4.1.

Does anyone have a glue if it is a bug, or a problem with the settings?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I've looked at both 4.1 and Trunk and the issue is in the code. No matter what type (Wiki) or (Article) the form will send you to editpage.php which is only good for Wiki Pages.

I'm looking in the code now and this is for sure a bug. Will try to implement a solution but the fix although looks strait forward might actually snow ball into many files. Will comment on this later.

If anyone else has made progress with this issue please update the forum.

Thank you

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Pascal (and everyone), I'm thinking about trying to fix this bug myself (still unresolved in 6.x) but I'm completely new to Tiki and before getting wet I'd like to know whether this is a "hairy" bug or something reasonably easy to fix (maybe it's just that nobody had the time/was interested enough to do it).

I welcome any hints or insights!

BTW, here's the relevant bug report.


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Hi Marco, haven't tried it in 6.x yet, but in 5.1 it worked as it should at my site.
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You're right, thanks! I think I must have been hallucinating yesterday because I mistook the bug described at the top of the thread for another problem I was experiencing with the translate page.

I don't know about 5.x, but in 6.x the translate page for articles only allows you to add an existing article as a translation (and not to edit a new one from scratch). That's not a bug in itself, but I thought it was because I had failed to understand how the "Attach or detach existing translations" menu worked at first.

There IS a small bug though: the "change language for this page" form does not work. I wrote a patch that fixes the problem (here), and chealer from irc said he has been working on translation editing stuff, so some enhancements are probably coming soon!


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I have same issue .

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This issue was resolved, although the solution was making the translation page not offer creating new articles (only wiki pages).

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Hmm...that's a shame. That's not really a 'resolution' - articles need to be multilingual and that requires translation.

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For my current project, it is "almost vital" that translations work for articles.

Yes, people can always publish a translation as a new article, but you then lose who wrote the article in the first place and there is no correlation between votes and comments on the original article.

The ideal scenario for multilingual appears to be provide viewer with the Article in their language, but if that is not available give them a drop down selection of available languages and the option to translate it themselves (or use a Google style automatic translation).

Of course comments will then come in a variety of languages, which actually adds to the international feeling of the site.

Does anyone with sufficient ability to do this also have the time if the incentive was right?

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Brian Merritt wrote:
Does anyone with sufficient ability to do this also have the time if the incentive was right?

Hi Brian, did you try any of the Consultants for this?

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I'm a little bit confused now.

In Tiki 5 I could attach an existing article as translated version ot create a new article,
but now matter how, the two versions have been connected.

Since I upgraded to Tiki 6 I can neither attach an existing article as translated version nor create a new article, they aren't connectet in any way.

- Is it a new bug now or do I just don't get the way I have to use it?

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Attaching existing translations works for me (I'm now using 6.1 but 6.0 worked too as far as I remember).

I can create a new article, assign a language to it (from the list of acceptable languages I chose in admin/multilingual), and then click on the "little world" icon to attach other existing articles to it.

Once I've done that the articles are connected (tiki shows me the right version when I switch language).

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Same for me.

What would be useful and sensible is for this to work in same way as Wiki translation of a page, so you would click on a translate button and the option to "create translation" would generate the linked translation while importing the content.