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Tracker "Item Creator Can Modify His Items" Unchecked Not Working

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I have a tracker with just a few fields: user (auto assigned by creator), the quiz question (text area type), and points earned (numeric field).

Properties/permissions set per the tracker are: creator can view items and insert items, but should not be able to edit items (that is, he is only allowed one submission).

I have one item per user selected, modify items deselected, the quiz question set to immutable after creation, I've set the tracker permissions to include insert and view by 'student', but edit limited to group 'instructors' and obviously, admin.

I have tried every combination of permissions (by field, tracker, and object permissions) but when I log in as a 'student' I can reload the "Quizzes" wiki page and modify my entry for the text box and submit button will show up. Ideally, once the quiz is submitted, the error message of "You've already taken this quiz" (which should be available in the field properties, if I'm correct), should appear and the trackerlist should show the submitted answer and a blank space for point earned (since it has not been graded yet).

I do not want to use the Quiz feature for it doesn't include short answer.

Thanks for your help and let me know if I can clarify what I'm trying to accomplish.

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After a fair amount of trial and error, I have determined the issue lie not with the actual tacker, but with the tracker PLUGIN.  It seems to not honor any permission settings beyond 'user can add a new item'.  When this permission is denied, the student sees an error messages stating just that.  However, no other permssions seem to carry over, and of special concern, user should not be able to edit his item.

Ideally, this quiz should be in the form of a form, since there is a field for points awarded, and the student should not be able to edit the entire line item in tracker view, but needs to stay only in wiki view, as the checkbox for that option states (which does deny the user the tracker view when selected)

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Dear duqtape:

This area is a bit tricky. May I ask you tosubmit a bug report at   http://dev.tiki.org and reproduce your issue in a show.t.o instance associated to it?

This will help some of us to play with it until we find either the right settings for your use case (I also use Tiki in educational contexts) or try to find a fix for it (if the bug is confirmed.


Cheers and welcome to the Tiki Community! smile

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After even more trial and error, I've determined the error is only present in Chrome specifically on my work comptuter. Everything works on the same machine in Firefox, and in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on my personal machine. I think it is all about the security with specifically Chrome on my work machine.