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Dropdown selector with other field -- Anyone knows how to use it?

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Hello Tikiers,

I`m trying to use the Dropdown selector with other field , where you add the options, and an "other" field, so that (in my understanding) the user can type an option if the one he wants isn`t in the default options.

But the problem is that when we choose the "other" option in the tracker, nothing comes up so that we can type in.

Is the setup right? Or I need another Field to store the "other" textfield?



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Hi Fernando:

This is due to a bug. Try with upper case or lowercase at the first initial letter of "other".
And I wonder if this is fixed in latest 15.x code (I recall some discussion about this issue in the devel list from months ago, maybe).

If the issue is not fixed in latest 15.x code, a bug report in dev.tiki.org would be needed, if not there already.

Can you please check?


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Bug still found in 15.x. I added in r58742 (it will be in Tiki 15.1) a description at the field to clarify that it seems required the option "other" to be written in lowercase for the field to work in 15.x (compared to Tiki 12.x at least, when you did not neet to write "other" at all for the field to work).

The issue seems related to fixing the validation field:

Thanks for reporting.