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Can't login to new installation

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I used Softaculous to install a new version of TikiWiki and so far, it is impossible to login. I installed and set a custom password for the admin user — no joy. I uninstalled and re-installed using the default (admin:password) — still no joy.

I've looked through the MySQL database, and it appears to all be ok, the admin user is there, etc. but no matter what, I can't get logged in.

In addition, no amount of requesting a password reset email will generate one. I'm sure there's something easy that I need to change to make this all work, and I was hoping that Softaculous would take care of that for me, but ...

any guidance on where to look, what could be wrong, etc. would be helpful. There's nothing in my server logs, etc. indicating any problems.

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Hello David,

I have no idea how Softaculous installs Tiki and what they might change in their scrip.

In a few hours I likely appear in the IRC chat (user "fabricius") - you can ask me thereand we try to figure out quickly.

Anyway you can ask the other guys there aswell. Usall a very helpful croud. Only thing is that sometimes nearly nobody is viewing at the desk / chat whilst being logged in. So you might need to stay in the IRC for a while to get a response. Not always - usually we are quite responsive. But imagine you are concetrated on another desktop and just do not get that s.b. texts to you ;-) .

As you have access to the database, this one might help:

And set an eMail (yours) to the user admin, otherwise the system obviously cannot sd you a password reset link ;-)


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For completeness, This was solved with the help of the IRC channel folks. Thanks!

The problem: I had a .htaccess file in the site's top-level directory which redirected http-->https. This prevented the login from working. Once I turned that off, I was able to log in, and under the Admin control panel, set "Require https login" to true. Then re-enable the redirection to https and everything works. 

So if you have https redirection in a .htaccess file, turn it off to install tikiwiki, then only AFTER changing the login setting to require https login, turn it back on. 

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Hi David,

I just appeared in the IRC. You seem not to be active there anymore (alalthough logged in ;-) ), but I did reread and you figured out that the problem is related to your https setup.

I am sure, that you find a solution.

Feel free to come back if you stumble over more issues.




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