Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Menu Bar Growing !

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Ok Im trying out tiki to see if we can use it to replace Mindspring. And it looked enough like what we had to be workable. But I've ran into a problem. Every Time I change the theme (I'm trying to find a simple one) it add another toolbar to the top of the page.

Any help on a fix would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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Have you tried to clean Tiki's cache ?


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Well now I cant even log into the tiki lol. I was never able to clear the cache. I tried recreatign the whole install all was going will till I connected it to the database mysql that the last one used and now the admin username password I set goes to a connection reset by peir. I should not of picked upgrade i should of maybe wiped the other database?

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If you are a new comer to Tiki and you don't have any important info on this current installation, I would suggest to restart the installation from scratch (Tiki and database) since it looks to be messy.

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