Aion: 3rd Closed Beta Test Journal

The website of Curse has released a newest closed beta test journal of MMORPG Aion by Zyuu. He delivers a discussion of his first ten levels and a wealth of screenshots. Based on the information, NCSoft's PvPvE-centric game continues its march towards launch. What is PvPvE you ask? PvPvE is what happens when players join a war against each other while NPCs try to wipe out the players beating on each other.

The details are as below:

Now, what did I get to experience today? Well, quite a bit. First of all, a couple of friends from AionSource were playing 'together' with me, one of them being Shilenne (known as the girl who played an Assassin in the last beta). Her name is now Skya and she have her very own account, which will make it possible for us to form a nice group and with that we will make sure to experience as much as possible before the third beta is over. Skya chose to make a Spirit Master this time, and as I mentioned in my previous journal entry, I made a cleric. Two other players, Mojidada and Dagersha (both above level twenty) joined our party as well, always nice with company, even if you're not killing stuff together just yet. You can see Mojidada and Dagersha posting on AionSource.

Upon entering the dreamy world of Aion, I decided to quickly grind my way to level seven, while doing this Shillene made her character, she sure like to take her time. Cough. Nothing too eventful during my initial grinding, a few Koreans trying to killsteal me and probably cussing at me in Korean when I started to show them that it's a bad idea to killsteal me, especially since I got ranged attacks and the majority of the players trying to act cool were assassins, go figure.

When I reached seven, I went and bought several new spells, one of my favorite spells so far is the heal over time spell. It's fast to cast and perfect to cast middle of a fight, or just as it ends and then continue killing evil monsters. I'm unsure if it works on others, at least it does not when they're ungrouped. Maybe those I group with can get healed? This is something I hope to find out tomorrow. I also got a skill which hit hard with my mace, it's like a slam sort of thing, it's instant, but with a fairly long cooldown. Furthermore, I got a second buff. I'll be finding out what my buffs do later today. They has to do something though! Thus, I keep them up always. If I recall correctly the timer on buffs are twenty or thirty minutes, and they are instant cast and can be cast while moving. I like that.

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