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Title: Bootstrap 3: License Change : please do like 99% of contributors before you and click to confirm your approval


I hope you are well.

I am volunteering for Bootstrap 3.x on changing the license from
Apache to MIT (like jQuery) and am asking for your confirmation.

Short version:
1. Please click the link below to open the page. 
2. Please click Submit on that page. 


Long version:
In December 2012, plans for Bootstrap 3.x where announced (see link below), including "Switch to the MIT license instead of Apache". The goal is to make it easier to integrate in other applications. Already, developers from several communities have requested this, such as Drupal, MoinMoin and Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

Bootstrap is reported to be "Now Styling 1% of Websites" and we want to increase this :-)

There are various interpretations. Some say that this change is not necessary. According to http://www.dwheeler.com/essays/floss-license-slide.html and according to the FSF
http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#apache2, Apache 2 is not compatible with GPL 2.1 (used by Drupal and MoinMoin) and LGPL 2.1 (used by Tiki).

The safest/simplest is just to change the license. All contributors to v2 (for which their code was still in v3) were contacted and accepted. But in the mean time, a whole new group of people contributed to version 3. Technically, the change was announced but we want to make sure there are no ambiguities.

Over 300 people have said yes so far, with an approval rate of 99.3%

Given the overwhelming support for this, we will be proceeding. For recent developers to v3 like you, we haven't yet received all the votes. You are, of course, entitled to saying "no" to the proposed license change. Nobody likes it when the rules of the game have changed after the game started. However, we really want to keep your contributions, so please go ahead and support the change.

So please find the link above and confirm that you accept this change. For the people whom we can't reach or for the commits of the people who say no, we will have to remove their code, and rewrite. So please do save us that extra work :-)

Thanks and best regards!

Sent on behalf of the Bootstrap community by Rhodry Korb.

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