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This page is dedicated to finding a solution for Tiki to share calendar data (channels) with other applications.

With Mozilla Calendar, you can subscribe to calendars (rss-like) and publish them. You can assign colors to different calendars and have a check-box option to show the ones you want.
How can I serve my shared calendars?

First off, we need to improve Tiki to be able to:

  • save to iCal (the calendar is built with iCal standard in mind)
  • import events (from ical and from text file)

Then, we can find solutions to share calendar data with applications/devices such as

Some related links:

http://www.icalshare.com/ (subscribable calendars)
http://www.meetup.com/ (local interest group meetings)

iCal and RFCs

17/nov/2004 - Damian has been playing with the iCal format recently using Evolution calendar iCal syncing to Tikiwiki by using apache2 and webdav. Very interesting work and looks promising.

useful RFC Links about iCal

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