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My new site, TikiMODS.com has Wiki Plugins, Modules, Templates, Themes / Styles, Quicktags, DHTML and Javascripts all customized for use in Tiki sites. There will be some free mods, and some for sale as well. Basically all sorts of add-ons to jazz up your Tiki site and make it even more fun and easy to use. Come Visit!

About me...

One fourth business woman, one fourth artist, one fourth socio-political junkie, and one fourth geek, I study and train daily in the applied arts and sciences of internet communities. A collector of premium domains (I own hundreds), I'm an Internet Properties Developer, a graphic artist, a promotional copy writer/editor, and a singer/songwriter/musician.

I comb the web daily and hang out in online open-source software communities. I'm in awe of skilled software programmers and application developers, and believe they are the true heroes of the world. I'm fascinated and entertained by their abstract thinking, and intrigued by their collaborative working processes. It is a joy to participate in open-source communities. As a woman I'm especially delighted and inspired to see the power of testosterone applied to such creative and cooperative processes.

As easy as Tiki is to use, I am still almost daily reminded how easy it is for us as developers to forget the level of simplicity needed by our most common end-users. One of my highest priorities is to better enable and motivate the "lowest common denominator" of user to easily learn to add and edit content on my clients' Tiki-Powered sites. Lately I've been working on porting Wiki Plugins and cut-and-paste javascripts and DHTML scripts (from sites like DynamicDrive.com) into Content Templates and Quicktags. This way I can put plugins and javascripts onto the Quicktags palette and right into the hands of wiki page editors. Novice content contributors can then jazz up their home pages and articles, and create their own entire websites inside my clients' Tiki-Powered sites without learning any javascript or plugin codes.

I also enjoy making new themes and styles, customizing templates and PHP code, graphics design/production, and extending the multimedia components and features of Tiki.

I am especially interested in building Tiki sites for use by geographic communities such as local governments, schools, and community groups. I think of Tiki as a Totally Integrated Knowledge and Information (TIKI) CMS. (Colorado --> always looking for the promotional "hook" :-)

arrow Regarding multiple Tiki installations, I am especially excited by the developments that exploit the power of many Tikis interconnected. For example, the ability to share content and functions (i.e. databases, code objects, search functions, etc.) transparently and seamlessly across multiple Tikis. This can enable many community-building applications in a very flexible and scalable way.

I view the world through a multi-faceted prism. My brain is a database of puzzle-pieces, looking for complex puzzles and problems that need solving. This can be said about all of us, I suppose, and that is what makes this process so interesting :-) With this perspective I study communities, business models and technology, always with an eye toward finding matches, and ways of combining them to create and empower good in the world. I try hard to live and relate to others with conscience and integrity, and these are two of the qualities I value and appreciate most in others. Virtual communities such as Tiki seem less impeded by the negative impacts of many traditional societal barriers, which I find valuable and interesting.

Fear and misunderstanding breed tragedy and suffering. There is too much of all of these things in the world today. The more responsibility I can find and accept, the more powerful I am to affect change. To the degree that I can honestly recognize my role, or the affects of my actions/inactions in creating a situation or circumstance, I am empowered (to that very same degree, no more, no less) to alter my role and affect change. It's simple math.

As a site developer and admin, each and every day I appreciate all of the wonderful work done by the programmers, document writers, and other committed members of this community. I strive to take all of your hard work and find all the possible ways to use Tiki to improve the world!

It's very exciting and fun for me to learn from everyone in the Tiki community as I follow along and watch your development process. I hope to become more useful to you all the more I learn and use Tiki.

You can CLICK HERE to see another one of my Tiki sites.

You can CLICK HERE to phone me on the web (try it out — its web-based Voice-Over-IP)

( My Free World Dialup number is 99992 )

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