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As of 7-15-05: This module still has a number of bugs and can cause problems, especially in Mozilla browser, proceed with caution!

Note: the following is based on v.1.9 CVS HEAD

Modify the file, tiki-browse_categories.php, removing the following code which you must include in a new file you put in modules/mod-categories.php:

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include_once ('lib/tree/categ_browse_tree.php');

Modify the file, templates/tiki-browse_categories.tpl, removing the following code which you must include in a new file you put in templates/modules/mod-categories.tpl:

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<div class="tree"> {$tree} </div>

Remember to enable Categories in Admin --> Features.

Remember to make the new Categories module always visible to your users that need to access the categories.

Turning on phplayers menus in Admin --> Features will give you a folder-style tree like the one pictured above.

The .css and image files for the phplayers tree-style menu are located in lib/phplayers. I've Attached my modified .css and image files in case you want to make yours look just like the example pictured above:

lib/phplayers/layerstreemenu.css has the font styles (use this if you want to change the size or style of the text in the category tree.)

The folder lib/phplayers/images contains all the images used in the tree, which are all prefixed with tree_ (i.e. tree_collapse.png, tree_leaf.png)

lib/phplayers/layerstreemenu-hidden.css sets the size for all of the images used in the tree (so if you change the size of the images used in the tree, you have to change the .imgs property settings in this file to match the new size of the images.)

Just let me know if you have questions — Colorado

Implementation in 1.94

This is sort of a hack but if you want to make categories appear in your modules, then you can do the following. Thank you to sylvie

Module available in 1.10 (and with bug in 1.9)

A new module has been written in 1.10 - you can find it in tikiwiki Head CVS. The parameters are

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type=wiki page|article|faq|blog|image gallery|image|file gallery|tracker|trackerItem|quiz|poll|survey|sheet|... deep=on|off categId=0|.. style=tree|vert|horiz|plain|phptree

You can filter on the type of objects, you can begin a tree from a subcategory, you can decide the module aspect (see the phplayers documentation for the details)
This module works if you use other phplayers menus. And you can use several times this module.
Note: you can't use directly this version in 1.9 as the multiple use of phplayers menu needed some global changes but you can find an earlier working version (if you use only one phplayer menu) in sourceforge modules/mod-categories.php
sourcefoge templates/modules/mod-categories.tpl


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