Moin2Tiki is a migration tool from the MoinMoin to the Tiki wiki engine.

It's a Mercury program (with a small PHP part) that reads your MoinMoin wiki pages from disk, converts them to Tiki markup and feeds them into a Tiki server. The pages are read directly from disk, there's no MoinMoin code used. This means that it should work with future MoinMoin versions, unless something drastical happens in a later MoinMoin version.

Moin2Tiki has been developed and tested with MoinMoin version 1.9.9, and, to lesser extent, 1.9.11. On the Tiki side, versions 24 and 25 have been used and tested.

Moin2Tiki is an external program (except for that PHP part). It isn't included in Tiki. It comes with an AppImage, which means that it runs on all Linux systems. You don't need to compile it by yourself or install anything on your machine in order to run Moin2Tiki. There isn't a Windows or MacOS version, though.

The extensive documentation is available online.

Moin2Tiki doesn't support all of MoinMoin. So far, there are some limitations, some serious. For instance, only one user is supported. And it won't be possible to write a program that migrates all of MoinMoin's macros
and parsers. But I might be willing to improve Moin2Tiki, if there is any interest. See Limitations in the documentation.

The Moin2Tiki homepage is at Gitlab.

Volker Wysk <post at volker hyphen wysk dot de>

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