Damians Core

Well if everyone else has one, why cant I wink

My Core Concerns

Do we need a new core? Personally I think a lot of the core concepts come from people who have not served enough time learning the internal workings of Tiki, and probably dont know where to find certain routines. In the words of Stitch from the Disney film they should be saying 'Im lost'

Style System Concerns

I must make a valid point here about the proposed changes to the Tiki Style System. Id like to call on experience, thats knowledge of tiki by actually using it, living with it, and having an established site with content, before ANYONE makes proposals for changing it. I ask the question: How can anyone make changes to something they do not use?

This covers a broad area, such as our Smarty templates, the current Tiki css files, and infact applies to any aspect of our Tiki application. Without using Tiki how can anyone make such wild proposals and at the same look after the upgrade path for our existing userbase and ensure compatibilty with our feature set?

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