This list was used during the database abstraction for organizing the effort. This work is now completed (possibly except for search and Galaxia) and the page is kept as memorial to those who invested their time in this effort.smile

A major work on DB abstraction is under progress near Munich right now, here is a first update of the review of work to go.
Type of required modifications :

  • to do : only changing queries according to DbAbstractionDev
  • specific functions used : when there is a need of code replacement of a mysql-specific function
  • needs huge rewritting : the abstraction requires a whole redesign of the code

FileWorkerWhat is to be done ?
tiki-edit_languages.php mose done
tiki-imexport_languages.php mose done
tiki-install.php mose & flo in progress. mysql ok. sybase ok
tiki-setup_base.php mose done
lib/bablotron.php mose done
lib/commentslib.php redflo/sylvieg done
lib/searchlib.php .. huge rewritting required for one major query ----
lib/tikilib.php mose & flo & many many others done
lib/userslib.php redflo/mose/rlpowell/Traivor done
lib/Galaxia/src/API/Base.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/API/BaseActivity.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/API/Instance.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/API/Process.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/GUI/GUI.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/ProcessManager/ActivityManager.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/ProcessManager/BaseManager.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/ProcessManager/InstanceManager.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/ProcessManager/ProcessManager.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/ProcessManager/RoleManager.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/ProcessMonitor/Base.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/ProcessMonitor/ProcessMonitor.php mose done
lib/Galaxia/src/common/Base.php mose done
lib/backups/backupslib.php mose done
lib/charts/chartlib.php flo done
lib/chat/chatlib.php done done
lib/commcenter/commlib.php mose done
lib/copyrights/copyrightslib.php mose done
lib/directory/dirlib.php mose done
lib/drawings/drawlib.php mose done
lib/ephemerides/ephlib.php traivor done
lib/hotwords/hotwordlib.php mose done
lib/htmlpages/htmlpageslib.php mose done
lib/live_support/lsadminlib.php flo done
lib/live_support/lslib.php flo done
lib/mailin/mailinlib.php mose done
lib/messu/messulib.php mose done
lib/minical/minicallib.php mose done
lib/newsletters/nllib.php mose done
lib/newsreader/newslib.php mose done
lib/notepad/notepadlib.php mose done
lib/notifications/notificationlib.php flo done
lib/quizzes/quizlib.php flo & mose done
lib/refererstats/refererlib.php mose done
lib/search/searchstatslib.php mose done
lib/shoutbox/shoutboxlib.php mose done
lib/stats/statslib.php mose done
lib/structures/structlib.php flo & mose done
lib/surveys/surveylib.php mose done
lib/taglines/taglinelib.php mose done
lib/tasks/tasklib.php mose done
lib/templates/templateslib.php mose done
lib/themecontrol/tcontrol.php flo done
lib/trackers/trackerlib.php flo done
lib/userfiles/userfileslib.php flo done
lib/usermenu/usermenulib.php flo done
lib/userprefs/userprefslib.php mose done
lib/webmail/webmaillib.php ohertel done
lib/wiki/exportlib.php mose done
lib/wiki/wikilib.php flo & mose done

I found these files that still seem to have "replace into" in the code:

FileWorkerWhat is to be done ?
lib/Galaxia/src/API/Instance.php mose done
lib/directory/dirlib.php dheltzel done
lib/hotwords/hotwordlib.php dheltzel done
lib/shoutbox/shoutboxlib.php flo done
lib/taglines/taglinelib.php dheltzel done

(note : count(*) are okay)

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