The queries must follow the syntax described in DbAbstractionDev.

Here are the current steps to include changes in the database. Such changes go to HEAD! Database changes in BRANCHes do not happen, except for extraordinary cases:

  • update db/tiki.sql
    respect exactly the same formatting as what you can find there, it concerns indentation, quoting, spaces and parenthesis, everything. The tiki.sql file is used to generate teh other db dumpfiles and the parsing is still sensitive to formatting.

  • update db/tiki_xtoy.sql (no destructive actions, only updates, alter, insert, no delete. That script is intended to be run with -f mysql option)

  • be sure db/ is web writable and run the convertscript :
Converting tiki.sql to db-specific scripts
cd db/convertscripts ./convertsqls.sh domain.name.tld

The script triggers php pages that reside in db/convertscripts and generate the specific tiki-<VERSION>-<DB>.sql scripts which are used by tiki-install.php.

This will most probably not work under windows! (need confirmation?)

  • tiki.sql is not used by the installer
  • tiki-1.9-mysql.sql is a simple copy of tiki.sql

More Information

Database conventions: see DevTips
A list of db testers: see TikiTesters

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