1. We are looking for someone to take this over
  2. The previous Tiki 2.2 package was out of date, and thus, removed.
  3. This is experimental, use at your own risk
  4. Data which is created in EC2 instances do not survive beyond the instance (no persistance). If the instance crashes or is shut down, your data just vanished.
  5. Do not run production servers on this. This is intended as a demo.

Getting EC2 to get a fresh TikiWiki

  1. Get amazon web services account
  2. Activate EC2
  3. Install Elasticfox Firefox Extension for Amazon EC2
  4. Restart Firefox
  5. Configure account in ElasticFox
    1. Click on Credentials
    2. Enter Access Key ID and Secret Access Key from aws.amazon.com > Your Account > Access Identifiers > AWS Access Key Identifiers
    3. You should see some AMIs appearing
  6. Go to tab "Key pairs"
    1. Click on green button to "Create a new pair"
    2. This will generate a *.pem file, that you should save on your hard drive. This is used to login later, without a password with user root, with WinSCP or Putty.
  7. Go to AMIs and instances,
    1. pick an AMI (Amazon doesn't supply these but we can use or a 3rd party AMI)
      • ami-240ce84d TikiWiki 2.2 and trunk from 2008-11-04 (this AMI is only available in the US-East availability zone, not in EU-West)
    2. Right-click and launch
    3. Make sure KeyPair is the one you created before
    4. All other options can stay the defaults
  8. You should see something new in "Your instances"
  9. Security Groups
    • "Your Groups" should be "default"
    • Below, in "Group permissions" click green button to add permissions
    • Don't change anything but Port Range 22 to 22
    • And Port Range 80 to 80
    • And Port Range 5901 to 5901
    • That was to add SSH, HTTP and VNC access
  10. Go back to AMIs and instances
    • Refresh your instance
    • Copy PUBLIC address to clipboard (If it's blank, be patient while it boots up). This address is dynamic and will change every time your create an instance
  11. Use this IP address to connect to your instance, via SSH
    • Use private key generate above (*.pem)
  12. Access via the Web. For example:
  13. Username & password is admin & admin

TikiWiki 2.2 for Amazon EC2 Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid AMI built by Vincent Brousseau

It was based on ami-7806e211, a lean install of Ubuntu 8.10

There are 2 TikiWikis installs per AMIs
http://ec2-XXX-YYY-WWW-ZZZ.compute-1.amazonaws.com/ 2.x
http://ec2-XXX-YYY-WWW-ZZZ.compute-1.amazonaws.com/trunk/ trunk (future 3.x)

Also installed:
Php5, mysql5, gd, svn

So you could use to test TikiWiki or to use as a base to commit from


  1. Setup backups / persistence on S3 or use EBS

To create your own AMI


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