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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are lists of common questions and answers about a specific topic. FAQs are widely used in online communities to group popular questions and have them solved without the need to repeat the same answer multiple times. Tiki allows you to create as many FAQs as you want with any number of questions in each FAQ. Optionally, users may be allowed to suggest questions to be answered, which admins/editors can reply to or delete.

Finding a FAQ

Tiki lists its FAQs in the order they were created--providing a brief description and indicating the number of times it's been viewed (the visits) and the number of questions in it.


Viewing a FAQ

Clicking on a FAQ title from the listing will take you to the FAQ itself:


Click on any question and you'll be taken to its answer, displayed lower on the page. FAQs are quite simple.

Suggesting FAQ questions

If the Tiki admin has granted permission to do so, users can suggest FAQ questions. The admin will review suggested FAQ questions and remove or accept them. Once accepted, they may be edited, too.

Beneath the FAQ answers is a link that displays both a form for entering questions (plus, optionally, their answers) and a list of questions that have not yet been answered. Fill out the form, click Add and your question will be submitted for answering/approval.


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