• The edit button now shows on red if someone may be editing the page, this helps preventingtwo users from editing the same page. This feature can be enabled/disabled from the admin menu.

  • Now HTML tags are filtered out from weblog posts except normal tags such as a,p,img,br,table,i,b,etc.

  • Link added to edit the page from the wiki pagelist.

  • Page generation time was added below the footer.

  • The featured links admin screen has been revamped, now featured links can be enabled/disabled and ordered as you want, an automatic ordering feature by link -hits was also added. Hits are now counted and displayed for featured links.

  • The titlebars in wikipages are now brown instead of the terrible blue ones.

  • File galleries, create galleries, add files to galleries, download files. Permissions configurable, rankings for file galleries and modules available.

  • Module names are now sorted in the admin modules screen.

  • Now you can see permissions according to categories when assigning permissions to groups, the assign permissions screen was revamped.

  • Wiki page comments, now you can activate/deactivate comments for wiki pages, comments can be voted and replied, configurable permissions and karma system for comment points(!)

  • Fixed minor layout problems and xhtml glitches.

  • Several bugfixes and minor improvements on the code.

Page last modified on Tuesday 29 July 2003 20:12:17 GMT-0000

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