• Where are we?

batawata ported the Freetag-library to TikiWiki.

amette had made a previous try and from that, there is still a module in HEAD also.

  • Where do we want to be?

We want to have the possibility to tag anything in the world! ;)

  • Who is working on what? (Priorities/goals/majors issues/roles)

Tagging is chaotic by nature - so is development - just do it!


Who is working here generally? Link UserPage.

  • Bugs
  • RFEs
  • tech support
  • patches

Competition and standards

List of other products with similar/interesting/related features.

Here I would like to see some "editorial" content. How do our features compare to others?

Amazon now allows users to tag products in a folksonomy sort of way. (Amazon is also adding other wiki-like features, including product pages and discussion groups.) - edalton

CVS Doc section

This is where new features being developed and only in CVS are documented. When the CVS becomes RC/official release, the info in the CVS docs is transferred to update the official docs (FeatureXDoc).


Where ideas can be exchanged, debated, etc. Interested people can subscribe to the wiki page and/or to these forums as they would a mailing list.

Would part of the functionality include finding tiki objects (e.g. wiki pages) that are tagged similarly to the one you're on? This would be really useful. - edalton

Any idea of status/timeline?

Current status is: Working
In HEAD is a working implementation of freetags. Just check it out and get going. It still has some way to go considering management (user and admin), but it is pretty usable as far as I can see. We need a site with a big user base taggin' away though to tell how it works out. We have the morcego 3D browser implemented for related tags - but it breaks, when the tags get too clumpy. Need a solution for that, too!
Finding pages tagged similarly to the one you are currently on, isn't implemented like that. Currently you can search and browse through tags and get other stuff tagged similarly. - 2006-03-05

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