FranceCore.net Skin

Firts skin with Tikiwiki for http://www.francecore.net :-)


  • 168 Ko (172 226 octets)
  • 149 files (pictures include)
  • 30 files for 47Ko without pictures
  • 4 folders

Templates (.tpl)

  • 475 Ko (487 309 octets)
  • 93 files
  • 3 folders

The idea

You can find at the bottom of the page an attach file contains all you need to work (based on tikineat.css CSS skin )

  1. Divide CSS files in multiple file, each one for a part of a feature, module, page, block, as you want (I do by Feature)
  2. Set a few basic colors in a config file, and passing variables in all css, with a little script doing gradiant more lighty or darky.


To begin a skin under Tikiwiki, we've to understand one or two things.

  1. All templates in /ROOT/templates/*.tpl can be surclass by yours TPL in /ROOT/templates/styles/francecore/*.tpl => so, you can design html structures, ergonomics, navigation and more
  2. In the Tikiwiki System Admin, you can choose your own CSS, hence influence the TPL's.

So, 2 places for your files :

  • /ROOT/templates/styles/francecore/ <- TPL files
  • /ROOT/styles/francecore.css <- your Root CSS with a folder at the same place to arranged pictures, Css, php and others stuff...

CSS in /root/styles/

Click the + to see the code. (sorry for some frenchy words)

A root CSS called in folder styles, then, we include a php config and all files stored in a folder francecore

  • francecore.css
  • francecore/css_config.php (need francecore/css_color.php to work)
  • francecore/css_color.php
  • francecore/general.css (finally, the css, look at COLOR, BEWARE ! it's only an exemple )

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