See RecipeHomework for how to set up your tiki to use the Homework feature.

Test Site

You can test the homework feature at http://teach.wikiplanet.com.

Can You Help?

There are a number of tasks that someone other that a programmer could carry out:

Documentation: Edit this page to conform to FeatureX

Specifications: I need detailed specifications for what each (screen|report|page) is supposed to look like and do. The specs belong in HomeworkFeatureSpecification or on new pages linked from there. Ideally, you would create a simulated screen dump that shows what the application is supposed to look like along with a detailed explanation of how it is you want it to work.

Teachers: I am seeking teachers who want to help by testing the Tiki learning management system in their class. If you are interested, send a tiki message to george.geller. I can arrange a tiki-based web site for your class.

General Description

Homework is a wiki-like area where teachers can create and grade, and students can submit essay assignments.

Key Function and sub-features

Students can view/edit their own work, but not that of other students.

The teacher has access to an assignment page where he can create new assignments.

The teacher also has a grading queue, that he uses to access the essays that need to be marked up.

HomeworkFeatureSpecification is where we are discussing details about how each part of the homework system will work.

Related Links

UserPagegeorge.geller is the home page for the developer.
LearningManagementCaseStudyPfaffenberger develops the motivation for this feature.
LearningManagementCaseStudyDaniels develops the motivation for this feature.

HWAssignmentEdit documents the teacher creating assignments. It is the help page for tiki-hw_teacher_assignment_edit.php.

HomeworkDev discusses the internals of Homework and has a buglist and RFEs.

Typical Uses

Homework is designed for a classroom situation.

Case Studies

When setting up make sure you have
admingroups set


  • teacher
  • students
  • admin

admin> feature> homework turned on

The prototypes will be tested on my (george.geller) server.

  • needs a category link
    • goal is to deliver entire packages of homework assignments, tests, notes and texts all ready roll in one package. Categories are key in that area for grouping materials properly.


Only works with the moreneat theme.

Support Requests and RFEs

damian says I should use the wysiwyg editor from blogs.
dgd says that teacher-edited assignments should have:

  • histories
  • templates

eHa says that the students should be able to "view each others work in a controlled manner". They can publish their work on wiki pages. Maybe we can have a "move work to wiki" button for the teacher in a later iteration of homework.


George Geller is the developer.
colorado has volunteered to help with the testing and has drawn a very pretty icon.
Denny has volunteered to help with testing too.
Damian has offered to assist in development where needed.
bnuz is eager to test and share ideas.
Lorinc helped with some testing. Thanks Lorinc!

For more information

Addidtional Notes

My belief is that once the prototype is working we'll think of ways to tweak it. So, I'm working from a very minimal specification and looking forward to user input.
to be done:

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