This recipe describes one way to setup and use Tiki's Homework feature. Homework is new in Tiki 1.9. Refer to http://tikiwiki.org/Homework for more information about this feature.

In this document, I use the convention that text in black (like what you are reading now) is explanatory, and text in blue is instructions that you must carry out. Text you must type in (onto the Unix command line, in an editor, or into a tiki text field) appears in monospace font. Optional parameters are enclosed in [ ] square brackets and required paremeters that you must set are encolsed in <> angle brackets.


  • Tiki 1.9 from March 20, 2004 or later must be installed and working.
  • You must have admin privileges for the Tiki.

Setting up your server and installing Tiki is beyond the scope of this recipe.

The Homework feature includes the following new permissions: tiki_p_hw_admin, tiki_p_hw_teacher, tiki_p_hw_grader and tiki_p_hw_student. Of these tiki_p_hw_teacher and tiki_p_hw_student have meaning in the current implementation; tiki_p_hw_admin and tiki_p_hw_grader are reserved for future use.

Basically all you have to do is activate the feature, give the teacher(s) tiki_p_hw_teacher permission and give the students tiki_p_hw_student permission. This recipe walks you through one way to set the permissions which has the beneficial side effect of activating other permissions that you will probably want anyway.

Activate the Homework feature:

Login to your tiki as admin and go to http://<your-tiki-domain>/tiki-admin.php?page=features
Click on the Homework: checkbox, then on the "Change Preferences" button.

Setup the groups and assign premissions to the groups:

Create three new groups: Teachers, Editors and Students.

Setup the group hirarachy of included groups as Teachers > Editors > Students > Registered > Anonymous

That is to say: the "Teachers" group includes the "Editors" group, which includes the "Students" group and so on.

Homework requires that a teacher has permission tiki_p_hw_teacher and that one or more students have permission tiki_p_hw_student. In this recipe, I grant other permissions so that users would have the privileges they normally expect in Tiki.

Assign the following permissions:

Assign basic privileges to Anonymous
Assign registered privileges to Registered
Assign editors privileges to Editors

You should see something similar to this screen dump:Image The necessary permission for teachers, tiki_p_hw_teacher, is included in the editors group. The necessary permission for students, tiki_p_hw_student, in included in the registered group.

In the next step we create the teacher and students.

Create a new user, Mr. Kingsley and assign him to the the Teachers group.

Create two new users, Bobby and Susan, and assign them to the Students group.

You should see something similar to this screen dump:


Logout of Tiki and login as Mr. Kingsley.

Examine the Homework item on the application menu.

You should see something similar to this screen dump:
If you don't see the homework feature in the application menu, you may need to modify your mod-application_menu.tpl file and/or select a different theme. The homework items were in the default theme (moreneat) for version 1.9, but they have not been propagated to all the themes.

In the application menu, click on the Assignments item under Homework.

This takes you the list of assignments, http://<your-tiki-domain>/tiki-hw_teacher_assignments.php. Since you haven't created any assgnments yet, the list is empty. You will create one right now.

Click on the "create assignment" button.

This takes you to http://<your-tiki-domain>/tiki-hw_teacher_assignment_edit.php, the page where you create or edit an assignment. Note the features of this page:

The title is "Edit Assignment:". Since this is a brand-new assignment, there is nothing after the ":". If you were editing an existing assignment, you would see the title of the assignment after the colon.

There is a help button which takes you to a page on tikiwiki.org.

Below the title is a button "list assignments" which takes you back to the Assignments page.

You specify the due date using popup menus. The default due date is 0200 HRS (2 A.M.) one week hence. The due date is a critical setting for an assignment. It controls the workflow for the entire Homework feature. In brief, students may work on an assignment up to the due date, teachers may edit or grade students' work only after the due date.

The next field to fill out is "Title". Keep the title brief.

Next is the summary field. You want to limit your input in the summary field to no more than three sentences.

The "details" area has the same editing options at tiki's wiki.

After filling out the assignment as the teacher, logout and log back in as a student. Work on the assignment.

The students can work on the assignment until the due date, and the teacher can grade the assignment after the due date passes. You can experiment by changing the due date if you don't want to wait.

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