Introduction to UniWiki case study

Introduction to UniWiki case study

( Check also the information at my personal page in tw.o )

  • All the information of our case study in the UniWiki project is available only in catalan, so far (you can use the free web translation services from University of Alacant ("Torsimany" project), at: http://www.torsimany.ua.es/) .

Our goal and general info
  • Test computer tools to help students and lecturers to cooperate writing documents for the learning/teaching field, with an increase of the efficiency and ease of developing their common tasks at university.
    • In the case of the students, we are testing whether they improve their efficiency to write group reports.
    • We we'll use for "efficiency", the marks of a report divided by the amount fo time invested to finish it; and compare it with blank cases (half the randomly selected students of the same classes to whom we will not allow them use the tool).
  • We got funding from the Department of Universities, Research and Information Society from the Catalan Governement in Spain.
  • We also got a little bit more funding (and support) from the Institue of Education Sciences in our own University (http://www.ub.edu/ice/), for doing research with the use of Wikis as tools for tutoring the students individual or group work asinchronously (september'04-september'06).
  • Project started in January'04 and ends in September'05. September04 we'll start using wikis
  • More information, in the project's homepage: http://uniwiki.ourproject.org

The tools we'll test

So far we are interested in tesing:

Web Folders (webdav) + Open Office .org (OOo)

Btw, very interesting the work done by Javier Reyes about integrating DAV support within Tiki!!! (see TikiDavDev )
Most of the teachers offered wiki support for the group work of their students. Some of us, also offered support for using OOo+WebDAV.

Training offered (open, so far :-)
  • We have been offering some Wiki (with Tiki) and OOo+WebDAV trainging in different free courses for students (and everyoine else interested that fits in the computer room :-). And we plan to give some more Tiki training (wiki use, and Tiki admini). If interested, check (and monitor :-) OpenTikiwikiTraining .

Our team


Sujects in which we'll try tools such as wiki

Problems we have found, so far

  • While evaluating our students group reports, in wiki pages, we lack to be able to see all changes made by a single author (already reported to LearningManagementSystemDev ).

Publishing about Wiki use in Education field
(in descendent chronological order)
See our file gallery with all our comunications there (either in pdf or OOo format)

  1. "JORNADA ESPIRAL 2005 - Free and Innovative Educative Applications of the Information and Communication Technologies: resources and experiences": Comparison of methods for collaborative writting for teaching and learning. Xavier de Pedro Puente. Departament of Ecology. University of Barcelona.
    • Date: June 11th, 2005. Place: Barcelona, Espanya. URL
    • The results to the initial comparison among some computer tools to ease the collaborative writting of document were shown: Wiki, Web Offimatics (OOo + Web Folders or Webdav) and BSCW, respect to not using any specially designed ICT tool to ease such collaborative writting. The Wiki is pointed out to be the best option, for most of the requirements at writting documents for teaching/learning at university.
    • Written Communication, in CATALAN and .pdf format (134 Kb)
    • Oral Communication, in SPANISH:
  2. Oral Communication in Edutec2004 Conference: http://edutec2004.lmi.ub.es/. Held in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, in Spanish for the spanish speaking edutacive community around the world. Friday 19/11/04.
    • Title: Dedicación temporal del alumnado a trabajos en grupo usando Wikis en entornos libres de aprendizaje colaborativo u Ofimática Web: análisis de un caso en ciencias experimentales.
  3. I submitted a comunication for a International Conference (held in Girona, Spain, 30 June-1,2 July'04), mainly for Spanish speaker community; see http://cidui.upc.es), where I showed the uses of Wikis, as tools for collaborative writing in the education field (for students and lecturers), mainly University, but could also be used in Secondary School and Colleges, or course.

Collaboration proposal for other conferences or papers in journals
Well, if you, reader, are interested in publishing your findings of the use of a wiki (tikiwiki or not) in the area of teaching and learning, please contact me at xavidp (a) bio.ub.es. I'm interested in publishing results of the use in education, since they will help to improve my CV and hopefully stabilise my position at university of any education centre (which I would love to rolleyes).

(Ok, no more time for the time being to report about our case study. More soon. confused)

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