New desired features for forums (for educatioanl use)

("desired" for Tiki; or, in case there is some integration of moodle -or similar LMS- with Tiki, then redirect those "desires" to the LMS software bundled with Tiki for Edu).wink

As always, those features should incorporate the chance to be toggled on or off at the admin forum settings (on a "per forum" basis). And they should be linked to the requested gradebook feature.

  • Add the chance to allow to categorize a users' own contributions into a forum, from a pedagogical point of view. I.e., select from a drop down box the type of contribution in a forum which I make as a user posting:
    • "new idea", "I agree", "new point of view for the same idea", "Summary of previous ideas (synthesis)", "Consequences from a previously posted idea", "new theory", ....

  • Add the chance for the teacher to grade the contributions to a forum, with the same type of system as the "voting posts" feature (just one click on the right number and done.
    • the range of possibilities for a grade should not be fixed to a 1 to 5 (for instance), but should be selectable for the teacher (1 to 3, 1 to 5, 1 to 10, ...).
    • This grading by the teacher should include also non-numerical items, if toggled on on admin settings, to allow the teacher to add some extra labels for the type of contribution of the student: "post with repeated information with previous posts", "excelent idea", "lacks correct syntax or grammar", ...
    • As far as I recently heard in a conference, Knowledge Forum (c) seems to be a reference (propietary software, though) which already has this kind-of-feature included in their software, among others (I could just see a demo on a conference, - Xavi -).

  • Add some analyses tools, to include the ability to summarize the contributions to a/some forum/s, on a per-student and per-forum basis, to ease the task of grading users contributions at the end of the term.
    • The type of contribution selected by the user at posting-time should be optionally validated by teacher or other users with appropiate permissions, at any time. And they will help the task of automatically pre-analizing user's contributions to that/those forum/s.

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