Tiki handles an unilingual website very well.

Goal: To become:
1- a strong tool for multilingual sites (non-parallel and parallel) using version control and document workflow & roles

And then:
2- an open source Translation Management System (TMS) using the Translation Memory eXchange open standard.

Tiki could then easily handle multilingual documentation.

Why do we need all this? Please see the video




TikiWiki for a multi language website (January 2nd 2003)
TikiWiki for multilingual site management (May 15th 2003)
Have French/English Tikiwiki Web Site

Competition and standards

Open Source:
Typo3's approach
EZ publish's approach
Glasnost's approach
Ovidentia's approach
Wikipedia:Interlanguage links
Wikipedia:Multilingual coordination
This Wikipedia Embassy is being set up as a central place for resources to help with cross-language issues
Localizer with Plone
OpenACS Internationalization


Xaraya forum discussion on the subject
PHPwiki discussion about Multi Lingual Wiki

Background Info:
3 approaches to Multilingual CM (PDF)
5 Criteria for Selecting a Global CMS
Comparison of MS-CMS and RedDot, includes a section on Multilingual sites, page 4 (PDF)

CVS Doc section


mailing lists:
The purpose of Intlwiki-l is to discuss and (in various ways) coordinate work on the different "Wikipedias" that exist in different languages

other links:
Smarty Multilanguage Support
best way to build a multi-language site with smarty
Louis Rosenfeled.com: Mar 23, 2004: Multilingual, Multinational Information Architecture Design

Can content management systems handle your multilingual application needs?

some ideas from gmuslera


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