Let me add a disclaimer by saying that I'm not trying to slag the authors of these themes in any way (the one I wrote doesn't work either), But I thought everyone might want to know about this in case they were expecting compatibility with older broswers.

These tests are unconfirmed so if someone else would like to double check me on another browser version or platform, I would appreciate it

Most of these themes look just fine in Opera 7.23 Linux/IE 6 Win Most all problems are exclusive to NN4.

Browsers used: Netscape 4.76 Linux | Netscape 4.8 Windows

On many of the themes, I was unable to log in with NN4 due to script errors, on others I was unable to use the admin section or any almost any other forms. Left column menus worked in none of the themes, and sub-pages ranged from disordered to completely unreadable. None of the themes tested allowed any form of usable functionality with NN4.

508 renders header only
akwachaos, tons of overlap
bluegreeninsanely wide, 70% chaos
*metal crashes 4.76
boreal no background, completely black
codex insanely wide, 70% chaos
dblue same as codex
default* insanely wide, 70% chaos
elegant insanely wide, 70% chaos
geo-light almost OK, lose borders but overall layout seems to work
geo geo-light
jalist insanely wide, 70% chaos
jalist2 insanely wide, 70% chaos
matrix total chaos
matrix-lighttotal chaos
moreneatclose, but some nasty text overlap, chaos on resize
moseinsanely wide, 70% chaos
mozillainsanely wide, 70% chaos
neatclose, bad borders, bot_bar is at the top
nothemechaos, tables all underneath one another
oliveinsanely wide, 70% chaos
simpletotal chaos
specialsauceblank/black same as 508
subsilverinsanely wide, 70% chaos
tceti blank white, header only
tikichaos, doesn't even work in opera 7.23 or IE
tranquilmore chaos
trollpartyvery close, fonts are whacked but the layout seems totally fine, no overlaps EDIT: this only applies to the main page, subpages were in various levels of disarray
whitebluegreyblank white

tikiwiki.org does not escape from the problems either. See the attached screenshot.

Note that the images are from resolution 800x600 for sake of size, but the same formatting bugs (in particular the overlapping text) show up at 1600x1200,


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