TikiNewbie ( eek ) has added some clarifying questions to various user documentation pages throughout this site, for the purpose of providing simplified instructions on using TikiWiki.

Where a page has been edited to add a question, this eek smiley is added to the beginning of the question. As the instructions are simplified, TikiNewbie can continue to add follow-up questions to the page as needed until the instructions have been adequately simplified ("newbified").

Everyone is encouraged to joint in this effort!

Please add links to all of your newbie questions in the NEWBIE QUESTIONS section on this page (see below).

When a page has been adequately newbified please move the link to the NEWBIFIED DOCS section of this page (see below).

Eventually TikiNewbie will be putting up an entire site (at www.TikiTalk.com) featuring all of the "newbified" Tiki documents. The site will be tailored to regular users, editors and admins (non-programmers) of TikiWiki.

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NEWBIE QUESTIONS — Put links to your "newbie" questions here under this heading (to do this, click on the edit link for this page, scroll down in the Edit window to find this text, and add your link following the examples provided...



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