Things that bug me

I may get areound to doing something about it one day. Or someone else might get there first. Then again, I might just live with it.

Unfriendly CSRF messages I hate them. Firstly the text could do with changing, but I am reluctant to do this (except on my own sites) because of language file implications. Secondly ticketlib was an excellent quick fix but could do with more intelligence - in particular it only allows one ticket to be open at a time for each user, and discards that ticket if it is not used on the next request which doesn't suit the way most people work. The most obvious improvement would be some kind of a confirmation form - dumping all the users input is just rude!

OneOfMany's Personal Change Log

Version 1.9 - ReleaseProcess19

  • MOD Parse absolute URI correctly in group home page setting

Version 1.8.1 - ReleaseProcess181

  • FIX Removed attempted display of postcount etc. for anonymous users in forums
  • FIX added js_maxlength to shoutbox templates
  • MOD added smarty function js_maxlength to do 'maxlength' for textareas

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