Opinion - Network is a relatively new feature for Tikiwiki, it's still under development.

The goal of the feature is to build a good all-around opinion/voting system, which besides working as a regular user feedback feature, has the ability to work with the network of the results.

To accomplish this, every question-form you create has a well defined target, which will be the target of the questions. A goal to reach is that the target of the form can be choosen from a list which contains as many tiki objects as possible (individuals - user groups - categories ....... )
Considering that only the part of the community is involved in most of the topics of the question-forms, you will be able to grant user groups with the permission to see and fill the question form.

As you add questions to a form you create, you type in the text of the question, than you have to choose a form component for the others to answer this question. A second step to implement is that the answer for a question can be given with all the components that a regular form has to offer, and a new one which will be a "slider" component that helps visualize numerical values.
For every question, there will be an option for you to let the user to skip that question.

The section above was about what could be new if you create a question form. For this, the feature has an admin page, that lets you create,modify and delete the forms.

There are other two pages, one that lets you fill a choosen question form about a choosen target, and one that lets you view the results.
But these two pages don't contain anything brand new that worth mentioning.

The feature was mainly built for an experimental reason, to let the users try to describe each others personality with the help of the question forms.
There is a working beta version, which does exactly that. But this version has to be re-written and the database has to be re-designed to achieve the goals described above.
Also a future goal will be to write some functions for the feature regarding this topic.

The Opnet code in 1.10 cvs is being removed and converted into mods format. For further info check out http://mods.tiki.org/OpinionNetwork

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