It would be very sweet to generate a dynamic OrgChart from Tiki data. Because OrgCharts are more for positions than people and because people can hold more than one position on an Org Chart, we would need to create a new data structure. Maybe a tracker? Maybe using our menu generator (which would need more than 2 levels) or something similar to our wiki page structure generator?

Data to be tracked to generate an Orgchart:

  • Level on OrgChart (1,2,3,4,5, etc)
  • Name of position
  • Short description of position, viewable on mouse-over. (optional)
  • Link to URL or wiki page with full description of position (optional)
  • ID of supervisor (drop-down from existing positions?)
  • Name of person occupying the position (user selector with the possibility of leaving vacant) (optional)
  • Link to person’s Userpage or email. (optional)
  • Color of Org Chart box (optional)

Some nice orgchart examples:

Other things to keep in mind

We also need to keep in mind that some orgcharts have an assistant option.

Other potential uses

Beyond classic org charts, there are other potential uses for Tiki:

Visualize group membership
From our groups, we should generate an Org Chart. We could then easily see who is in which group and which users are in many groups.

Visualize group permissions
We could also visualize which permission is assigned to each group and therefore, which is inherited. It would make group management easier. For example, if you are using group in groups, a permission only needs to be given to the group which includes another.

Possible starting points

We could have an orgchart plugin using the wiki syntax. Therefore, users could update their own orgchart. For example:

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{ORGCHART(isToolTipEnabled->true)} President;John Doe;0;0;tiki-index.php?page=UserPageJohnDoe;ffcc66 Vice-president;Jack Johansson;0;0;tiki-index.php?page=UserPagejjohansson;dbdb70 Director;Vacant;0;0;0;dbdb70 Public relations;Sam Smith;tiki-index.php?page=UserPagessmith Marketing;Steven Lemay;tiki-index.php?page=UserPagesslemay {ORGCHART}

For the hierarchical level, we can use numbers or a number of leading spaces. Then, the the other fields:

Text (line1) (Mandatory)
Text (line2) (optional)
Text (line3) (optional)
Text (line4) (optional)
hyperlink (optional)

To separate Contents and presentation:
while the Contents is important, we should give a lot of the presentation to css. even the position of the boxes could be left to css (e.g.:
just by classes ( class='OrgChart level_1')

  • we could even determine the horizontal and/or vertical position of the box, this way we can represent companies/structures where the boss is not above but in line
  • we should leave color to CSS

<div class='OrgChart level_1'>CEO, Mr John Doe, etc etc.</div> <div class='OrgChart level_2'>Regional Manager, USA, Mrs Jane Doe, etc etc</div> <div class='OrgChart level_2'>Regional Manager, Europe, Mrs Jim Doe, etc etc</div>

If line some items need to be empty, we can put 0 (for example).

For hyperlinking individual lines, we could use wiki syntax Image
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Org chart on wish list:

Orgapp is a small Java applet displaying a dynamic organigram. Supports clickable boxes with hyperlinks, customizable colors, sizes, positions, etc., layers (or sub-graphes), search facilities. Easy to embed in a HTML page.

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