This plugin includes a list of wiki pages found using a given substring and filters.



  • "search" can be any valid substring of a wiki page name
  • "info" (optional) can be any list of fields a wiki page enty has in the database
  • "exclude" (optional) can be a list od valid substrings of a wiki page names
  • "noheader" (optional) can be 0 to show a table header or 1 to hide the header
  • "style" (optional) can be 'table' for the default output in a table with all the given info fields or 'list' for just a very simple table with a header and all found page names as comma separated list inside the table


Search all page names containing 'Admin' and display them in a simple list with table header above it:


Search alle page names containing Team, display additional fields 'hits' and 'user', ignore page 'TeamDevelopment' if it's found and display no header above the box:


Introduced in Tiki 1.9RC4

Page last modified on Friday 07 January 2005 18:18:39 GMT-0000

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