Wikiplugin using Graphviz to generate dynamic graph-maps of Wiki pages

This wiki-plugin has been moved to mods.

Mods HomePage: http://mods.tiki.org/wikigraph

Required: http://doc.tiki.org/GraphViz+Install

This plugin can be used to include a graph representing the links between wiki pages in any wiki page. The syntax is:

Where pagename is the name of the page to use as a starting point for the graph. If this is omitted the current page is used. Level indicates the depth level of links to use, if level is 0 the graph shows the page and the pages that can be reached from the page, if level is 1 one more level of links is added, etc.

This is an example of the plugin in action (using page "TikiWikiSocialContract" and level 0) :


Each node in the graph represents a Wiki page while each edge represents a link. Nodes can be clicked to navigate to the selected page.



PluginWikigraph : Check install before throwing errors

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