Tiki is available since 2004-12-14 and fixes a security problem in 1.8.4. Polaris users should upgrade to or follow the instructions on the security alert.
Tiki 1.8.4 is available since 2004-08-01.

Tiki admins running 1.8x are strongly urged to upgrade to this version due to a vulnerability in versions 1.8 through 1.8.3 that allows individual wiki page permissions to be bypassed. Several path disclosure vulnerabilities have also been removed in the smarty_tiki area.

Terence, aka teedog, was the coordinator of this release.

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Upgrade instructions

Those on ReleaseNotes181 should help.

Bugs known to have been introduced in this version

None yet


  • Fixed custom permissions on Wiki pages could be tricked to go back to global permissions mose

Resolved bugs and misbehaviors since 1.8.3

  • Fixed articles wiki plugin which ignored real number of comments and displayed 0 comments all the time ;) luci
  • Fixed version conflicts related to wiki tag restorations teedog
  • admin-assignuser.php: if a default group has not been set, a blank entry should be displayed teedog
  • minicallib.php: fixed a typo in a db query - gmuslera
  • tiki-edit_submisson.php: fixed bugged display of the rating field when selecting article type "Review" teedog
  • Bug #973561: workaround for environments where $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] is undefined teedog
  • SF BUG 818569: RSS with authentication ohertel
  • cosmetic fix: don't display reply icon in forum threads if user has no permission to post teedog
  • forum stats aren't updated after moving a thread (until someone enters the affected forum) teedog
  • bug #894670: wiki edit permission should not depend on global wiki view permission if individual permissions are assigned for a wiki page teedog
  • bug #962993: duplicate version numbers when editing wiki pages teedog
  • bug #961711: broken find function for orphan wiki pages teedog
  • bug #930209: tracker categorization broken on tiki-admin_trackers.php teedog
  • bug #924502: parse_url() seems to be more robust than basename(); avoid login problems when tiki-index.php is the DirectoryIndex teedog
  • bug where current page gets deleted without a trace when rolling back to a previous version, resulting in the inability to undo a rollback and a gap in version numbers teedog
  • bug #924985: the CATEGORY() plugin couldn't handle type=directory or type=forum teedog
  • a forum home is selected even when none is set in Admin/Forums teedog
  • bug #898860: the directory category removal function leaves all kinds of zombie subcategories and member sites teedog
  • Rewrote large part of the buggy wiki edit-conflict code which should fix bug #872234 and several other edit-conflict related problems. teedog
  • users logging in from the Tiki homepage are not sent to their group homepages teedog
  • users logging in from wiki pages are always sent to the wiki homepage teedog
  • inner boxes created by embedding the BOX plugin within each other had messed up line spacing teedog
  • the author of a shoutbox msg changes to the shoutbox admin who edits the msg teedog
  • the name inputted by an anonymous user in Live Support is lost teedog
  • Path disclosure fixes in the smarty_tiki area. Damian
  • Fixed overlib tooltip width in moreneat.css teedog
  • Scrollbar of the textarea no longer jumps to the top after using a quicktag teedog
  • Fixed bug where removing any parent categories of an object causes the object to become uncategorized even if there are other parent categories teedog

Other changes

  • Diff engine replaced with LGPL codet to resolve license issue teedog

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