Tiki 1.9.8 was released on September 13th 2007, after months of hard work.


It is a major enhancement over 1.9.7 There are over 1000 code commits. Everyone using 1.9.7 or previous should upgrade.

The list below is incomplete and will probably not be updated shortly. Sorry. It would take a full day of work to go trough the changelog and convert to "plain English", but please trust me: It's a major enhancement.

Here are some of the major items:

It solves the HTML/embed object injection issue reported here:

New features
Lost Edit protection
Dozens of tips have been added to help users & admins.

All documentation links from the application to doc.tiki.org have been corrected/updated.
All themes were reviewed.

Lots of setting were changed, which will affect new installs. This was to change to easier default settings. Upgrades are not affected.

Known issues

  • when you update, you may need to reactivate the use of the logo & banner in Site Identity. (Just click two checkboxes)

For more background info, you can also see ReleaseProcess198

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