Release 1.7 occured on 1st of august, 2003

Warning !

The following notes are kept for archive only, and should not be modified. Release process for 1.7.1 bugfix is now starting on ReleaseProcess171

We have good feedback in SF forums about the reliability of the release
candidate : SF Forums

What is to be done / ongoing (will be in the release)

  • #1 priority: write Installation documentation: http://tikiwiki.org/SysAdmin
  • #2 priority: write Admin documentation: http://tikiwiki.org/TikiAdmin
  • #3 priority: write Feature references: http://tikiwiki.org/FeatureX
  • improved themes (no more, only those that already exist)
  • working PDF export almost done
    • Flo hacked that ! it is not finished we need help, contact mose if you can finish that work (php involved, but documented)
  • Diego Zamboni's 3 patches on Sourceforge
  • update language translations

Still living bugs

  • LeftCol/CenterCol dreadful bug
  • mysterious automatic switching from imagemagick to gd without human intervention
    • Mose will track that chimera (didn't reproduce yet :/)
  • eratic behaviour of tiki-user_assigned_modules.php freshly reported
  • Full xHTML compliance test tikiwiki.org (completed with multiple checks, but extensive checks can find unfound errors, especially on admin pages that are hard to check with online validator)
  • !@# in a search = Warning: sprintf(): too few arguments in /home/mose/var/tikicvs/lib/searchlib.php on line 85
  • Filter function in Galaxia broken
  • akwa not working

  • ( please add more bugs to fix )

What has been added since rc4 (and will be in next one : final probably)


What has been added since rc3 (and is in rc4)


What has been added since rc2 (and is in rc3)


What has been added since rc1 (and is in rc2)


For 1.8


What if I want to run on the branch to hunt bugs ?

  • You have access to cvs but don't catch a word about trees and branches ? no panic.
    • if you use dev cvs and don't change anything, you'll stick on the trunk.
    • to be able to work on a branch : create it with a new chackout:
      cvs -d:devname:@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/tikiwiki co -r release_eta_carinea_rc1 tiki
      ( then you'll have the branch )
    • work with the branch as normal, the branch flag is sticky.

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