Release Process for Tikiwiki 1.8.1

This is the Release Process page for Tikiwiki 1.8.1. This version has been released on 14 March 2004 by Damian. Please continue the great work on this branch and report your changes to ReleaseProcess182 !

SourceForge reported Bugs fixed:

Other Bugs:

  • fixed removing of image galleries scales Chealer9/bobzim
    corrected the above commit Damian
  • fixed lastLogin was the same as currentLogin teedog/Chealer9
  • fixed forums' new icon to show for topics new since last login (Matthew D. Barton/Chealer9)
  • ARTICLES plugin wasnt showing the topic images. fixed Damian
  • mod-who_is_there Fixed missing quote marker Damian
  • commzone/attzone area JS flip link fixed for all themes (comments and attachments weren't staying to show in Konqueror) with more accessible solution luci
  • Contact Anonymous fixed by marclaporte and Damian
    remember to enabled the Contact Us and user Messaging features, set a contact name on Admin->General and let anonymous use the messaging system permission
  • fixed Integrator that was unable to save new repository mose
  • fixed iframe width in featured-link feature mose
  • fixed Wiki quick help SQL plugin documentation Damian with Akira's help
  • fixed translation of 'by' and displaying of 'Anonymous' in last_modif_pages module luci
  • fixed translation of 'by' in wiki_last_comments module luci
  • fixed breaks in the BOX plug-in luci
  • fixed dropdown navigation for backlinks and structures in wiki pages luci + mose
  • fixed the module last_modif_pages so it don't display minor changes mose
  • fixed (from marclaporte): Javascript added to shoutbox forms to limit input to the 255 character table column width OneOfMany
  • fixed diff to ignore newline characters - thanks to Christian Mueller again luci
  • fixed missing ?forumId= in tiki-forum(s)_rss.php ohertel
  • fixed SPLIT and BOX plugins to render all wiki syntax properly luci
  • fixed diff and source view to display special characters properly luci
  • fixed external RSS feeds: first entry was not shown ohertel
  • more XHTML fixes (some ported from 1.7.x branch) luci


  • improved comments and attachments buttons Chealer9/luci
  • ARTICLES now includes Topic Filtering Damian
  • new module last_category_items mose
  • Spelling Mistakes corrected Damian
    also modified the language files to reflect those changes, so not to break the language translations
  • Added a check on Tiki Backup to remind you if your file and image galleries are set to file system storage Damian
  • German translation ohertel
  • RSS 2.0 output feeds support the author tag now ohertel
  • RSS: better looking stylesheet ohertel
  • RSS: Blogs now show title instead of a timestamp ohertel
  • RSS: if there is an empty item title, it gets replaced with a creation timestamp of that item ohertel
  • RSS: forums rss shows author names now ohertel
  • avatars: user can choose to have no avatar if he has one currently ohertel
  • Added <>[]|)({}'"_-*#;:& to special character input marclaporte
  • Replaced the powered by RDF button with better quality one and aligned all buttons vertically to middle luci
  • Fixed the neat theme wiki icon alignments Damian
  • Articles: no display or "read more" if there is no article body (0 bytes).


  • Belarus now has a tiki flag! Identified as missing by techtonik, commit by Damian
  • en-uk Language file, mainly because we british love our colour wink Damian
  • adding a powered by Tiki logo on bottom banner wanted by marclaporte commit by Damian
  • Added support for Atom output feeds, details see http://bitworking.org/rfc/draft-gregorio-07.html ohertel
  • Added support for external Atom feeds, just add them on the rss feeds page! ohertel
  • Added new module forums_last_posts, that shows the newest posts in forums. prefixes like Re: or Aw: are removed prior to output ohertel

see also : UpgradeTo18

This release is still in cvs BRANCH-1-8
export CVS_RSH=ssh
export CVSROOT=:ext:username@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/tikiwiki
cvs -z5 co -r BRANCH-1-8 tikiwiki

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