Release Process 1.9.2

Bugs Fixed

  • Added alt text to menu folders to enable browsing with image downloads disabled in your browser - Damian
  • Fixed a regression with "...but requires admin approval" registration type - mdavey
  • wiki: Fix the closing / in an openning tag ex:{ARTICLE(id=1)/} - sylvie
  • wiki: http: and www. follows the same rule (icon+new frame) than [http] - sylvie
  • wiki: fix preview in history on a page using {file} plugin - sylvie
  • calendar: calendar is not created anymore with 3 special perms - sylvie
  • calendar: filter button is always displayed even if only one calendar - sylvie
  • tracker: translate country name in a country field - sylvie
  • wiki: can't edit a page if its belongs to a category you don't have perm - sylvie
  • tracker: mandatory scrolling list doesn't propose an empty value - sylvie
  • plugin: snarf allows the text body without been the html tag body - sylvie
  • plugin: category new option value sort=shuffle ((mose) new option one to display one categ per line - sylvie
  • wiki: <img src="img/wiki_up/xx.gif"> fixed in article - sylvie
  • wiki: fix my pages in My Tiki by adding the pages where I am not the last editor - sylvie
  • remind password message: fix url - sylvie
  • WYSIWYCA regarding tiki_p_vote_poll - amette
  • When no cookies, menus are now wide unfolded, if javascript, by first close, all will fold
  • Return and passing by reference for PHP4.4.0 and PHP5 - mose amette
  • Import wiki pages put back in service
  • Edit trackers status (messed with list option status) - digao
  • html_entity_decode(), floatval() for PHP4 compatibility
  • 2 WikiWords separated by an unique space should link
  • Fix non closing ~np~ ~pp~ or <pre> , when the closing miss, takes up to the end (as considering the closing tag is put at the end)
  • Initial condition whith where for search articles
  • Undefined offset: 0 in multitiki: lib/notifications/notificationemaillib.php
  • Various warnings in searchlib
  • Refactored output filter highlight, no more memory overflow
  • Refactored wikiplugins help loading by edit (1 MBytes saved)
  • Module ephemerides fatal error (Call to a member function on a non-object)
  • Warning when tracker empty removed
  • Proper $groupHome URL if running Tiki in SSL
  • HawHaw PHP5 compatibility - Norbert Huffschmid, amette
  • Plugin WANTEDPAGES ignore pages separated by "+"
  • Removed dead code for gender-feature - luciash
  • Parse trackers textarea the same as wiki pages
  • When using admin validation for new account registration requests, users are informed by email when their account is activated. - luciash
  • performance optimisation in category admin, orphan pages, stats - sylvie
  • remove unused images a little less greedy - sylvie
  • users upload batch: some improvment and errors messages - sylvie
  • forum: the list has always the same number of forums whatever the perms are - sylvie
  • wiki: page name with special characters browseable in categories - sylvie
  • forum perms are distinguish from comments perms - sylvie
  • since_last_visit_new module checks for object perms - sylvie
  • ranking checks for object perms - sylvie
  • calendar: tighter perm when accessing calendar item - sylvie
  • forum plain style doesn't display while lines - sylvie
  • forum: a post just after a post delete is no more lost - sylvie
  • forum: keep topic order, comment view param when going next/previous topic - sylvie
  • forum: lots of permission fixes - sylvie, rv540
  • mods directory gets taken into account by fixperms.sh - mose
  • Messu: Allow messages from other users is by default Yes - digao
  • calendar: Calendars were created with perms only for registered - sylvie
  • tracker: fixed a bug, that let you only vote, when you had the same language set as the one enabling rating for the tracker - amette
  • RSS: removed tiki-atom.php, it's unused - amette
  • more reliable way to determine admin's email in Contact Us - mdavey
  • fixed download of tracker attachments - lfagundes
  • wiki: editpage urlencodes pagenames - sylvie
  • wiki: undefined templates if wiki templates not set - sylvie
  • wiki: editpage checks category permissions - sylvie
  • imagegal: System Gallery accessible with PHP > 4.1 - amette
  • imagegal: Better GalleryId-check and other fixes - redflo
  • maps: layer manager gets shown by default and various fixes - Franck
  • myTiki: pages, where one is not the last editor, get shown, too - sylvie
  • calendar: tiki_p_admin_calendar is sufficient for admining calendar - amette
  • wiki: corrected path for pdf-lib - luciash
  • xmlrpc: performance boost for listing pages in send wiki pages and show number of articles as it is shown later - sylvie
  • xmlrpc: use the new Pear xmlrpc lib in tiki-send_objects.php - amette
  • removed link to tw.o on site unavailable error page - mose
  • tracker: images can be removed from trackers - rv540))
  • MySQL 4.1 compatibility - mose
  • index in database for speeding up article-queries - mose
  • PostgreSQL compatibility function for right()
  • tracker: added icon as placeholder, when no image in image field - rv540, yoni
  • fixes and more translated words in catalan - xavidp
  • corrected typo in german translation - amette
  • corrections to french translation - sylvie, marclaporte
  • more translated strings in Hungarian - ang
  • more translated strings in Norwegian - gunnarre
  • more translated strings in Brazilian - lfagundes, digao
  • more translated strings in Russian - dimaz
  • fixed blog post for non admin - sylvie
  • database Oracle/PostgreSQL compat, added backticks to query colinmo
  • PostgreSQL compatibility, replaced last_insert_id() - mdavey, mo0co0
  • calendar: fixed a bug, that was listing upcoming events since 1969 - thenano
  • calendar: upcoming events sorts start_asc instead of desc - fmathias
  • hawhaw: tiki doesn't need to be on the server root no more - sylvie
  • mods: fixed the case when list is not existing at install - mose
  • PostgreSQL compat - Edgar Holleis, sylvie
  • PHP 4.4 compat issue fixed - atooni, mose
  • fix bug, that made function find_exact_all() mix up trackers and files - amette
  • sheets: added SUMIF function - lfagundes
  • Smarty upgraded to 2.6.10 - mose
  • wellformed XHTML in structure-tocs - ang
  • surveys: fixed a bug, that messed up the user defined order when having multiple options - rv540
  • tracker: fixed array-initialization bug with mirror table trackers - rv540
  • wiki: only available plugins get used for building wiki-plugin-help
  • wiki: CODE-plugin - optional RTL-param now and displays text by default LTR - luciash
  • wiki: moved risky plugins to dist
  • wiki: QUOTE-plugin - was missing EXTR_SKIP - sylvie
  • wiki: SNARF-plugin - allows <div id='tbody' - khinckley, sylvie
  • wiki: SPLIT-plugin - more browser-independent - Patrick Allard, marclaporte
  • wiki: THUMB-plugin - additional URL-param - mose
  • wiki: TRACKERLIST-plugin - new option showstatus=>y|n - amette
  • wiki: VERSION-plugin - use_best_language capability and fixed problem with parsing first line - mose
  • wiki: WANTEDPAGES-plugin - ignored pages are seperated by +
  • module: ephemerides - fixed "Call to a member function on a non-object in multitiki"
  • module: Last Directory Sites/Forum Topics/Articles/Modif Pages/Tracker Items/Since Last Visit New have additional option absurl=>y|n - yoni
  • BrTiki - added theme of br.tiki.org - wesleywillians, lfagundes
  • damian.css - show links in module-titles more nicely, fixed problem with field surrounding with ' - dimaz, sylvie
  • simple.css - better RTL-language compatibility, better reading by .postbody/.articlebody/.messureadbody, mod_assistant left aligned, alignment of menu-separatorlines fixed, scrollbar when mid-column content is too wide, overflow:auto fix for modules, adjusted look and feel of widgets - amette, luciash
  • forum: fixed attachment perm issue - wulle, amette
  • wiki: if no like pages, then don't say "perhaps your are looking for:" - sylvie
  • don't show debug in footer, if it is not enabled - mose
  • module: basic module.tpl - div class="box-{$module_name¦escape} for CSS and display problem fix - ang, mose
  • admin: Added note about the not finished documentation and link to 'Restore Help Pages' on doc.tw.o - amette
  • admin: fixed some missing <td>s and cleaned out feature_experimental part - sylvie
  • escape forum name to allow for a name with double quotes - sylvie
  • admin: users - add groups to the csv upload help string, same place for batch result strings and feedback strings, warning message when changing user-name, that the user has to change his password - sylvie
  • directory: fixed offset calculation - wog
  • added missing poll to tiki-edit_help.tpl - sylvie
  • fixed help-page link in tiki-edit_translation.tpl - amette
  • file gallery: wellformed XTHML, table closing was wrong
  • file gallery: fixed display of empty colspan - mose
  • install: corrected a typo - amette
  • community: when searching for users, say "users like", not "users registered" - amette
  • Don't show cleartext password in newsreader, show asterisks - amette
  • linebreaks and htmlspecialchars in "Normal"-mode of MyTiki notepad - amette
  • wiki: fixed the display of page title being optional - mose
  • image gallery: galleryId can be null - sylvie
  • Added "edit css" button in Admin->General panel and show it in user_preferences only if permission - sylvie
  • Added missing tooltips to accept/reject/trash-icons in user_tasks - amette
  • tracker: fixed table messup in list items view, when activating tracker-rating - amette
  • traker: list view - don't show date if field is empty, mandatory scrolling list doesn't display empty value, translation of country names - sylvie
  • tracker: default size for placeholder image - rv540
  • RTL language fix in tiki.tpl - luciash
  • fixed the blank image for xhtml compliant style closing of tag and height-property - ang
  • removed HTML-code from validation mail, since it's plain text - luciash
  • password reminder mail fix - wog, damian
  • better structured/readable tracker-changed-notification-mail and better stripping of field-names from simplified tracker-notification-mails - amette
  • blog-notification-mails have post title in addition to blog title - xavidp
  • bottom bar updated - damian
  • added missing blanks in tiki.tpls - sylvie
  • minor fix to module wiki last comments - luciash
  • fixed two wrong messages considering tracker-feature disabled - ohertel
  • Fixed name of admin ephemerides in menu - ohertel
  • more translated strings in German - ohertel
  • maps: working with Windows - Franck
  • changed tiki-install.tpl to reflect the new upgrade-script-paradigm - amette
  • Tiki-version 1.9.2 is a valid version in security admin - amette
  • Tiki-mobile is in main menu - ohertel
  • added missing function view_blog to tiki-mobile - ohertel
  • forums/articles/threads etc. only in mobile mode, if tiki-mobile is activated - ohertel
  • Database consistency between 1.8.x-upgrade and fresh 1.9 install - ohertel
  • more translated strings in Czech - luciash

New Features

no new features it is a frozen release


  • wikistructures: whole wiki structure objects maybe included in admin/modules and assigned to left or right columns ang
  • Show number of Comments/Attachments in Tracker-tabs amette
  • Upgrade Net/Socket to pear's 1.0.6
  • Plugin LANG accepts now + separated list of lang codes, the parameter can be
    lang=>accepted languages or (exlusive) notlang=>rejected languages
  • Wiki Tracker-plugin looks nicer after submitting an item amette
  • tracker: can use tiki-view_tracker_item.php?itemId=xxx without giving the trackerId sylvie
  • quicktags: drop down selection for categories in administration, tracker shows only meaningful quicktags - UserPageamette
  • multilang: edit-translation now presents you a dropdown list choice instead of a text 'input pagename'-field - sylvie
  • maps: WikiPlugin for maps - Franck
  • statistics enhancements - Franck
  • trackers: allow rating an item in tiki-view_tracker and tiki-view_tracker_items - amette
  • maps: display dynamic coordinates on the map - Franck
  • image gallery: show next/prev buttons also at top of page - ohertel
  • multiprint: can print structures - andreas

New CSS Classes


Redirect: redirect can't be called 2 consecutive times sylvie
js: javascript plugin sylvie

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