Release Process Tiki 1.9.5

1.9.5 has just been released. ( 11 september 2006) You can get pre-release here: lastiki_BRANCH-1-9(.zip | .bz2)




Release Manager: ohertel
Release Date: this week


  • Security: fix in tiki-editpage.php
  • Security: fix in jhot.php
  • Security: Parameter highlight may not countain & , " , ' , < or >

Bug fixes

  • Admin/login: fixing 1 day bug & adding more options
  • Article: check categ perm for editing/reading an article sylvie
  • Avoid notice and insert message case id xxx does not exist in
  • Avoid some messages due to undefined variables
  • Blogs: Secured and fixed blogs trackback pings display
  • Blogs: Trackback pings for blog posts accepted only if the feature blog is enabled
  • Broken links to documentation
  • Categ perm: fix the anonymous access with tiki_p_view_categ on a page with categ perm mrish
  • Galaxia: conformed to db abstract
  • Image: check categ perm for uploading an image sylvie
  • Image Gallery: All files are now checked against being right images
  • Image Gallery: Check and get image sizes even if .gif or no imagecreatefromstring()
  • Image Gallery: Check we have a right image handle before taking its info
  • Image Gallery: Double link to image gallery when returning from edit
  • Image Gallery: Get optional thumbnail image size so it works if same scale as thumbs scale from gallery
  • Image Gallery: Image permissions
  • Image Gallery: Navigation / scale control in image browsing
  • Image Gallery: Once image gallery saved, avoid double create link display
  • Image Gallery: small change in images batch upload to respect name order in batch
  • Image Gallery: Strengthen get_one_image_from_disk() to refuse non image data
  • Image Gallery: Use gallery's default for image scale or sort order if none in browse and show images
  • Installer shows memory limit warning
  • Keep menus wide open if javascript or cookies not allowed
  • Mk_profile.sh: accepts optionals backticks around table names, better autodoc
  • Module quick_edit: fixed collision with edit article: 'heading' used in both of them, thus preventing 'heading' showing up in edit article, if you have quick_edit module activated
  • Newsletter: a draft newsletter is not saved 2 times sylvie
  • No more take offset from cookies
  • Optional 's' for $groupHome protocol as https://... ,correct the https: group home case for logout too
  • Pcllib: removed call by reference to functions
  • Plugin/tracker : textareas are parsed in TRACKERLIST sylvie
  • Some fixes in display of country flag
  • Styles: Simple style fixes for PLM and other enhancements
  • Tiki-index_p.php: typo feature_wiki_usrlock
  • Tracker: can't see an item if you don't have perm on tracker sylvie
  • Tracker: can't view an item closed or pending if you don't have the perm sylvie
  • Tracker: fixed tracker data import when no status indicated in csv
  • Trackers: check we have a right image handle before taking its info
  • Wiki: fixed undefined 'index' variable in page history
  • Wikiplugin code: uses proper
  • Wikiplugin snarf: don't change line feeds in
  • Wikiplugin TrackerFilter: fix sort and pagination
  • Wikiplugin Trackerlist: several fixes
  • Wiki RSS Feed: avoid sql error, show whole file for new wiki pages, cleanup of output in rss data


  • Admin survey questions: longer options field and hint box for multiple answer questions where to places those answers
  • at least yahoo and google ignore our robots.txt entries completely, so we set META ROBOTS tags on all pages we don't want indexed/followed. Thats all admin/submit/print/rename/remove/send pages and pages that will make search box go wild (categories, lengthy lists, calendar, ...)
  • Blogs: Added feature/allow blogs trackback pings enabling general and on a blog basis
  • Blogs: Possibility to delete blog post level trackback pings
  • Blogs: View blogs post refactored
  • Calendar: added categories support for theme control purpose
  • Category: in browse category the URL param parentId can be a list of categories resulting into an or or and (if param and=y) of objects sylvie
  • Category: new URL param expanded to have the phplayersmenus expanded sylvie
  • Changed behaviour for description label when no desc is provided
  • change in the message body messu-compose to messu-mailbox to be directly in the mailbox when notification from the message box
  • Clearer install & upgrade instructions. Moving 1.7.x stuff to a wiki page. Add information about secdb
  • Edit article: allow to preselect categories when creating a new article, like this: /tiki-edit_article.php?cat_categories[]=1&cat_categorize=on for category '1'
  • Enables included php to ask extra external js
  • Enables relative url for group home as http:tiki-xxx.php... (no double slash after ":" )
  • Hide MultiTiki info when not in use
  • Imagegal: added a way in admin panel to move images from db to filesystem
  • Images galleries controls enhanced
  • Images galleries links simplified, only scalesize controls the scale (0=original size)
  • Image slideshow in page , controlled by feature slideshow in admin image galleries
  • Images slideshow preloads images and works autonomous when cycle complete
  • Lang/de, lang/ca, lang/pt-br, lang/fr updates
  • Modules allow user to create a module without title and display error message if no name or data is given to a new module
  • New files (copy for Tiki for modifications) to prevent overriding of original files of the PLM package
  • PhpLayers: Update to latest version of PhpLayersMenu (3.2.0-rc)
  • Plugin/article: New param categId=1 to ARTICLES sylvie
  • Plugins: Extended div wikiplugin to accept justify text align
  • Smarty: update to newer version
  • Some clean up and organization on wiki help
  • Trackers: added a new optional behaviour for isHidden field type, to make hidden fields only editable by tracker admin but still visible to modifier
  • Trackers: add the fulltext index for tracker search with mysql
  • Trackers: many fixes and enhancements
  • Users: added an option to have new users accept internal messages by default
  • Users: switch on receiving internal messages by default


  • Plugins: Skype plugin to create a clickable link to call or chat with a Skype user
  • Plugins: Tracker: new plugin TRACKERFILTER sylvie

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