Roundtable Meeting 2022 06

Volunteering Facilitator: Jean-Marc Libs


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First hour, quick news

  1. Progress reports on new features in Tiki 25 (https://dev.tiki.org/Tiki25)
  2. Quick report on usability improvements and concerns for Tiki as a knowledge base from people who use Tiki… as a wiki :-) This is a mix of things I found interesting so I assumed other people would also be interested
  3. Quick follow-up on February 2022 Roundtable meeting discussion about assigning a class or rating to themes. A preliminary theme quality and classification checklist is up at themes.t.o, and the next step will be to make a tracker based on that and start entering the relevant theme information.
  4. Working with new Tiki users/admins, I've found there's a lot of confusion about "site icon" and "site logo" — why two files needed and why two admin config locations. I'd like to propose that there be just one image that's used for all navbar-brand/site identity instances. This is standard practice these days as far as I know, with sites using image types that scale to suit the purpose. This can also be part of a mini-revamp to consolidate the site identity configuration that's now spread between module admin and look and feel admin. Any opinions?
    1. Sorry, -1 from me (luci). I disagree: there can be logo containing textual information which wouldn't scale properly to be readable as an icon. Icon is usually just a simplified version of the logo without many details such as text to display nicely and sharp in small sizes. Typical example is the Tiki logo containing "wiki cms groupware" vs the "tiki shape" only logo.
  5. Quick update about the Unified Admin Backend: various layout and theme compatibility fixes
  6. ...

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Second hour, longer topics

  1. Provide fewer packages in composer.tiki.org
    Our caching repo grows uncontrollably. Possible solutions:
    • We can remove dev packages from satis config and save space. I think this one is obviously a good idea.
    • Some packages have way too many versions as files on the disk compared to the versions listed on composer.tiki.org - I think these are cached assets that probably disappeared later and are no longer supported. Do you think that we can do the following?
      • clean up satis config from dev packages
      • delete the whole directory holding packages on composer.tiki.org
      • deploy and run satis again to download only the ones that are currently in use

    I'd like to discuss consequences of doing the above
  2. Merge strategy for the Kanban feature (https://doc.tiki.org/PluginKanban)
    A lot of preliminary work went into making sure we can merge this into tiki 24. Unfortunately, there was some unexpected difficulties in the data model, requiring some refactoring. I kinda froze, affraid to violate the process for a point release.
    • As of now the feature in tiki 24 is non-functional, and was never meant to be announced.
    • The functional work is in a feature branch based on 24, is functionnal, but is mising some refactoring to support more enumeratable fields. There are 3 options
      1. Merge as is, with very limited support for enumerable fields, and missing refactorings to make backporting fixes from tiki 25 realistic.
      2. Finish enumerable fields support and merge.
      3. Finish enumbarble fields support and minimal additions to Tiki apis to allow code simplification and future backports.
    • I am willing to do the work, but don't want to go behind anyone's back, as this touches core parts of tiki, albeit with a very low risk of regressions.

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  • Watch and listen to the recording of the meeting here.


Summary information about short topic « Tiki as a knowledge base »

What people asked for

  • Structures
    • Managing huge structures (folding was committed to master & 24.x)
    • Instant refresh of menus (committed an backported to 21.x)
  • Attachments
    Could be replaced with better UI of feature each wiki page has a corresponding file gal. Meaning having it at the bottom of the wiki page.
  • Wysiwyg
    Including pasting images inside the page, which is debatable but practical. (huge pages table in database, security issues)
  • Make some icons visible
    fork templates/tiki-wiki_topline.tpl as themes/templates/tiki-wiki_topline.tpl
  • Local repo because they have more than one site and all are doubled with a dev site. This way, code changes are versioned and shared.

Interesting config changes


The following changes have been applied
Preference feature wysiwyg enabled (Preference name: feature_wysiwyg)
Preference wysiwyg htmltowiki disabled (Preference name: wysiwyg_htmltowiki)

The following change has been applied
Preference feature wiki attachments enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_attachments)

The following change has been applied
Preference feature purifier disabled (Preference name: feature_purifier)

The following changes have been applied
Preference feature wiki structure enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_structure)
Preference feature wiki open as structure enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_open_as_structure)
Preference feature wiki make structure enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_make_structure)
Preference feature wiki categorize structure enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_categorize_structure)
Preference feature wiki structure drilldownmenu enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_structure_drilldownmenu)
Preference feature wiki added page in structure is child by default enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_added_page_in_structure_is_child_by_default) (←not committed yet)
Preference page n times in a structure enabled (Preference name: page_n_times_in_a_structure)
Preference feature wiki no inherit perms structure enabled (Preference name: feature_wiki_no_inherit_perms_structure)
Preference wikiplugin toc enabled (Preference name: wikiplugin_toc)

Custom JavaScript
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/* Replace old folder icons with modern chevrons in left-hand navigation menus*/ $("#col2 .module .fa-folder-open").removeClass("fa-folder-open").addClass("fa-chevron-circle-down"); $("#col2 .module .fa-folder").removeClass("fa-folder").addClass("fa-chevron-circle-right");
Custom CSS
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/* Highlight visible page in left-hand navigation menus */ .selected > .linkmenu, .selected .menuText { color: red; /* background-color: gray; // autre suggestion */ } /* Highlight parents of visible page */ .selectedAscendant .separator span.toggle-open, .selectedAscendant .separator span.toggle-closed { color: red; }

These two previous custom codes may be recontributed to Tiki but I have no idea how to do that.

Module for navigation
→ Custom module
Parse using: Wiki markup

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{module module="menu" notitle="y" nobox="y" structureId="2" type="vert" css=n bootstrap=n} {module module="menu" notitle="y" nobox="y" structureId="134" type="vert" css=n bootstrap=n}


  • ...

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