Search engine optimization

This page is to document and coordinate efforts to improve SEO for *.tiki.org sites

This is primarily the responsibility of the Communications Team. As we dogfood, we'll likely have some feature requests for Tiki.


Team SEO

  • luci
  • MarcLaporte
  • Geoff Brickell
  • you? (add your name)

Existing Tiki features we can already/should use

  • Meta Tag admin:
    • Set "Include freetags" to 'on' so that tags can be applied to individual pages which are also set as meta keywords for that individual page. There is a debate about whether search engines really use meta keywords any more but it certainly cannot harm, and may do some good.
    • Set "Use individual page description for Wiki pages instead" to 'on' which allows the page description text in the edit screen for an individual page to be used as the meta description for that page. This is certainly thought to be useful with search engines - and in fact Google Webmaster tools will report it as an 'error' if every page has the same meta description - which is the result when the basic description text is used in the Meta Tag admin screen. Using this 'per page' option avoids that but needs the discipline to actually apply a description per page that is short and distinctive.
  • Image tagging:
    • Google in particular has increased its search capabilities with images which allows images to be indexed from their alt/title tags. These should therefore be added to any images that would be useful for search/indexing purposes.

Some new tools that would be useful

This is just a brainstorming area to collect ideas which can then be more formally added as feature development requests as appropriate. Making SEO work is 99% boring repetitious routine admin stuff and attention to detail - so we should try and make this as easy as possible:

  • A tool that quickly creates a site map in a format that can be easily uploaded to Google etc., which 'controls' which pages are added in various ways eg 'by category' so only public pages are flagged.
  • Provide links to the various search engine site 'registration' pages - probably from the Meta Tags admin screen which could perhaps be 'upgraded' to be a more general SEO admin screen.
  • Make it easier to tag images by being able to apply default alt and title tags in the File Gallery properties - where these are added by default whenever the image is used in a page
  • New/updated reporting tools that list pages without an individual 'description' and images without alt/title tags?
  • There's a proposal to improve SEO Tiki Feature (in French)
  • add more here



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