I really liked the original design for Elegant, but it was lacking in a few areas.

What I've done is compressed certain tables, moved around content a little bit, and changed the colors to match silver black and white. This leads to a color set that isn't distracting, but nice enough that people won't complain about ugly background colors. mrgreen It helps users focus on your content, and not the way your site is designed.

This theme may be in a future Tikiwiki release. As of right now, it can only be seen on Open Source Gaming as a PhpNuke theme. I still have the original code whhich works with Tikiwiki if anyone is interested. Questions and comments are appreciated!


  • With the release of Tikiwiki 1.8rc3, it's time to consider whether to redo the theme or switch from silvers and greys to different variations on blue.
  • This theme survived the upgrade to Tikiwiki 1.7.3, and with a test bed on another site being set up, it will be ready for everyone else by Tikiwiki 1.8.0
  • This theme survived the upgrade to Tikiwiki 1.7.2 in a graceful manner, so I'll probably tie up some loose ends and then pass it on to mose for inclusion in the next release.

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