Structures can be used to group wiki pages in a structure. Structures are trees of Wiki pages. Pages belonging to a structure are displayed with a navigation bar to the next and previous page in the structure. Furthermore a tag can be used to display a Table of contents for a structure in any page belonging to the structure. Clicking on structures in the Wiki sub-menu will take you to the page where structures are created and edited. This menu item will only be displayed if you have the permission "tiki_p_edit_structures"

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In this screen you can create a new structure or edit an existing structure. The name of each structure is also the name of a Wiki page if the Wiki page doesn t exist it will be created when creating the structure.

When editing a structure the screen will be like the following one:

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The form at the top can be used to add pages to the structure. The page alias is used as an alternative page name, useful for common page names such as "Introduction". The parent page is the page that will be the parent of the page you will be adding, to change the parent page click on any page on the structure tree displayed below. Once the parent is selected choose a page and add a new page after that one.

Example: to create the structure displayed in this example we did:

  1. create structure example
  2. parent example create page introduction
  3. create page La cosa
  4. change parent to introduction
  5. create page intro 1
  6. create page dda
  7. change parent to dda
  8. create page ds
  9. create page aa

Names in the structure are names of wiki pages, when a page is created in the structure the wiki page with the corresponding name is also created.

You can view/edit wiki pages from the structure tree or you can remove pages. If you click x to remove a page the system will ask if you want to remove the page from the structure or if you want to remove the page completely.

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Note that if the page being remove has subpages all the subpages will be removed recursively from the structure. (They will also be remove to the system if you choose the remove page too option)

When viewing a page belonging to a structure navigation links are displayed at the top.

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The links can be used to go to the top of the structure (the page with the same name as the structure) or to the next/prev page in the structure. In this example the {toc} wiki tag is used to display a table of contents for the structure.

Note that the {toc} tag can be used to create Table of contents for sub pages (or chapters)


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In our example structure the page dda has two subpages: ds and aa, so the {toc} tag will display links to the ds and aa pages from the doc page.

Structures are very useful for grouping Wiki pages, they can be used for documentation, manuals, FAQs, HowTos, etc.

When a structure is created a slides button will be displayed in the page bar allowing you to view the structure as a slide-show!

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