Tiki Newsletter February 2024

Tiki Newsletter, February 2024

Draft notes

It should be as easy to read as possible with very few illustrations.


  1. Welcome back newsletter

Hello, Tikiers,
We are excited to announce that 2024 is going to be an exceptional year for the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware community, marked by the introduction of a new software version (Tiki 27), enhanced communication channels to improve user support, and the integration of new advanced functionalities into Tiki. As part of these exciting developments, we plan to publish a monthly newsletter for our subscribers — of which you are one 😉 — to provide a comprehensive summary of activities within the Tiki software ecosystem, updates from the Tiki community, and pertinent information on related new and Open Source technologies.

  1. Quick Tiki facts in 2024
    1. Tiki.org articles (?)
  2. Tiki 27 status and teasing
  3. Information that may encourage users of Tiki 21, Tiki 24 and Tiki 25 to upgrade to Tiki 27
  4. Links of interest to get support
    1. Forums
    2. Chat
    3. Consultants
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