Tiki Service Provider Network

This is a proposal to improve Tiki Service Provider Network or Tiki Consultants usage so active members are encouraged to join while less active are moved (slowly) from the top of the list.


  • Make it easy for end-users to find/locate/search for active and interested Tiki Consultants
  • Make it easy for consultants to be added and update their listing
  • Grow the Tiki Community by rewarding (merit-based) active participation from listed consultants
  • Enforce equal chances all the active Consultant
  • Give the Tiki Association ability to manage the Consultants easily
  • Promote the Tiki Consultants page everywhere it is possible so being there as value


  • Updating the existing ranking system and cleaning of the actual list
  • Set random sorting to assure equal chance (within a rank)
  • Multiplying the accessibility to the Tiki Consultants list
  • Encouraging active and newly active contributors (any fields) to be listed as Service Provider
  • Progress toward automating the redundant process and calculations.


1. Merit-base system per decision of the board members and cleaning (immediate)

    1. Based on the actual ranking system have all Tiki admin ranked the same rank 001
    2. Other users will be ranked 002, less active 003 and not active or prior being moved out of the list 004
    3. All the Users listed will be contacted and their interested in Tiki has to be confirmed.
      Default to answer will move the user to the rank 004.
      If the user’s answer is negative the items will be deleted from the list
    4. Based on last month activity Tiki members that are not already listed will be invited to be listed
      We’ll send them a preformatted email that lead to an enlist page where all the Tiki Service Provider Network aspect are explained and a form will be set to create the member item.
      The process will be (optimally) conduct each month as long as it is a manual process
      Activity should be measured on different fields: posts, commit, contributions (doc.t.o) and also the board appreciation for Tiki tasks that can hardly be quantified (Marketing, Sysadmin, booth at an event ?) - more brains are required on this.
    5. Users having a double input will be asked to keep a single item in the list.

1.a Merit-base system calculation (Future)

All fields and ways to participate and contribute to Tiki are clearly established rank would be calculate automatically like we have for the wish list priority (a calculation from different fields : https://dev.tiki.org/tiki-admin_tracker_fields.php?trackerId=5).

IE :

(number of posts (list + itc)) + number of commits + number of t.o website editing = "rank value"
if "rank value" > 1000 for the last year then rank = 002

if "rank value" > 500 for the last year then rank = 003

Using this kind of system we will be able to automatise the communication as well;

  • If a user rank is above the 0 level and is not already listed => Invitation to be a Tiki Service Provider email
  • If a user rank is below the 0 level => Invitation to be more active before being under ranked or removed from the Tiki Service Provider list email

They may be optimisation to this system like :

  • Different contributions may have different value (commit = 2, forum post = 1, devlist = 1.5, editing = 2)
  • Bonus field (for extra contributions)
  • We may use a "senior contributor" factor in the calculation - a 6 month pause shouldn’t put out someone or bring him down to the bottom.

2. Enforcing equal chance to all by splitting the list and adding a random display behavior (immediate)

    1. Within the same level (all user ranked 001) the sort order should be random. This way at each reload (or each 2 reload with cache :-) ) different users will be displayed on the top of the list.

3. Cleaning the list

    1. All admins will be ranked the same; 001
    2. All active users will be ranked; 002
    3. All other users will be ranked: 003
    4. Item on the list and information will be checked (url and emails) and double input considered
    5. Users listed (beside the admins and the known active) will be contacted to confirm their interest in Tiki
    6. No answering users (interest or wrong information) will be ranked: 004 after a week (we don’t want people to contact not answering people)

4. Being a Tiki Service Provider list should be (more) valued

To make being in this list a real reward The Tiki Service Provider list must be promoted.
Actually it is a bit confidential.
https://www.google.co.il/#q=tiki+wiki+consultant and https://www.google.co.il/#q=tiki+wiki+specialist are good (page is ranked first)

... Add your search please

Don’t show that list. Some shows that page : https://tiki.org/Support. I edited it so our Consultant look like "the" good choice and not something lost at the end any other improvement is appreciated.

To promote our Service Network Provider we can already work on

  • On Tiki.org (all domains)
  • On Tiki Facebook
  • ...

All ideas are welcome but we should already be able to communicate on our own platform.
But as a start of this part of the project (among things that can be done quickly);

  • A text banner at the bottom of doc.t.o pages
    "Tiki Service Providers are available to help you to set properly your Tiki..." and a link
  • Periodic post in Social Network (fb, twitter, linked’in, etc) about it
  • A text banner at the bottom of Tiki Newsletters
  • ...

5. Promoting Tiki Consultants

  • Based on the last couple of month activity a list can be established
  • As long as it is not done automatically, every couple of month, we discuss it on an admin live session
  • We create an enlist page where we describe and explain about being a Tiki Service Provider (Tiki Code of Conduct, etc) and we add perms for group "Consultants" to create an item (single) in the tracker that holds the Consultants list.
  • We send them an invitation email:
    Copy to clipboard
    Hello {user}, The Tiki community really appreciate your involvement and your active contribution to the Tiki Wiki project. As we see you more and more helping and giving of your time we would like to promote you as member of the Tiki Service Provider (Tiki consultants) that are listed at : https://tiki.org/Consultants Visitors will be able to search/filter the list of consultants by: 1. Name (wildcard search) 2. Location (country selector) 3. Consultant type (individual or company) 4. Specific service offered. We are doing effort to promote and have every active member of the Tiki community recognised for its expertise on Tiki and hope that this little push will be appreciated for your great contribution. Please, log on and visit : https://tiki.org/... Enter all the required information. Provide a logo or your picture, email and website, etc. Once your item will be saved, you will be part of the Tiki Service Provider Network ! Thanks you again for your help, Tiki Admins

Improving name and revamp 2011

This proposal initially suggested the name Official Tiki Consultant for approved people. The new suggestion is Tiki Service Provider. More names are proposed at the end.

This is a proposal to revamp the existing Tiki Consultants list (http://info.tiki.org/Consultants). I see this decision at the sole discretion of the Tiki Board.

Although this is the list that will be maintained on tiki.org, (maintained by the Tiki Board), there is no endorsement of any kind. (The commercial relation is between you and the service provider)

Approval of the Tiki Service Provider program
Accept Undecided Reject
12 0 0
  • ricks99
  • xavi
  • jonnybradley
  • pkdille
  • marclaporte
  • koth
  • daniam
  • chibaguy
  • cdrwhite
  • changi67
  • freeman57
  • luci


  • Make it easy for end-users to find/locate/search for Tiki Consultants
  • Make it easy for consultants to create/update their listing
  • Grow the Tiki Community by requiring active participation from listed consultants
  • Give the Tiki Association ability to list/de-list Consultants, as needed.


  • Use trackers/pretty trackers to create the Tiki Consultants list (dogfood)
  • Require all Tiki Consultants to agree/abide by a Tiki Code of Conduct
  • Listings are renewed/re-verified each year (calendar year)


  1. Consultant completes a form (tracker) with the required information.
  2. Tiki Association verifies information and "approves" the listing
  3. In January of each year, an email (dogfood newsletter?) sent to all consultants to:
    • Verify their listing
    • Renew their agreement (Tiki Code of Conduct)

Tiki Code of Conduct

  1. I am registered on the Tiki Community site with a valid username.
  2. I pledge to be an active participant in the Tiki Community and help improve Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.
  3. I do offer a Tiki-related service.
  4. I will not partake in any activities that the Tiki Software Community Association deems detrimental to Tiki.

To be listed, consultants must agree to the following:

  1. Be registered on tw.o with a valid username.
    • This is self-explanatory and easy to verify.
    • Helps to grow the Tiki Community
    • Ensures that the consultant really is a member
  2. Be subscribed to the tikiwiki-devel list
    • Actually, I (ricks99) don't think this should be a requirement. A consultant may not necessarily be a developer. And, as a side issue, I think the dev and user lists should be combined... but that's a different issue.
  3. Be an active participant in the Tiki community.
    • This could be just about anything: making a financial donation to the Association, hosting a TikiFest, maintaining doc pages, posting in the forums, writing a book :-), etc.
  4. Actually offer a Tiki-related service
    • This could be actual consulting, Tiki-friendly hosting, training, etc.
  5. Not partake in any activities that the Association deems detrimental to Tiki.
    • This is purposely vague enough to give the Association wiggle room" in the event that the Association needs to take some sort of action to "de-list" a consultant.

Draft Email Message

To announce this new Tiki Service Provider list, we should send the following to each person currently listed as a consultant:

You are receiving this email because you are listed as a Tiki Consultant on http://info.tiki.org/Consultants

We have completely reworked the Tiki Consultant listings. Visitors will now be able to search/filter the list of consultants by:
1. Name (wildcard search)
2. Location (country selector)
3. Consultant type (individual or company)
4. Specific service offered.

In addition, the Tiki Software Community Association has formalized the process to become listed as an Tiki Service Provider. Please see http://info.tiki.org/Tiki+Service+Provider for complete information.

We plan to formally announce the program on Feb. 1, 2011 and would like to have you included, at that time. You will need to supply the following information:

  • Name (as you wish to be listed)
  • Logo/photo (approx. 175x200 in png, gif, or jpg)
  • Location (country)
  • Website
  • Email
  • Type (individual or company)
  • Tiki.org username (this user will be able to edit/update the record in the future)
  • Languages (to help matchmaking of people of specific languages, even if not geographically close)
  • Description (up to 500 words, can included fully wiki syntax, links, etc.)
  • Services offered (indicate Y/N for each):
    • Consulting
    • Upgrades
    • Custom programming
    • Training
    • Hosting
    • Installation and setup
    • Troubleshooting
    • Themes/skins
    • 3rd party integration

Note: You will be able to edit/update this information, as needed.

In addition, all consultants must agree to the Tiki Code of Conduct in order to be included in the Tiki Service Provider program. You must:
1. Be registered on the Tiki Community site with a valid username.
2. Be an active participant in the Tiki Community.
3. Offer a Tiki-related service.
4. Not partake in any activities that the Tiki Software Community Association deems detrimental to Tiki.

Listings will be renewed in January of each year. As a consultant listed on the Tiki Service Provider list, you can use the specialized logo (with a link to tiki.org/consultants so visitors can independently check that a member is in good standing) and include the text Tiki Service Provider in any of your material as long as your use does not imply any sort of association with or endorsement by the Tiki Software Community Association (basically, you respect that Tiki software Communication Associations owns the trademark, and you are using according to guidelines).

Please see http://info.tiki.org/Tiki+Service+Provider to create your initial listing.

If you have any questions, please contact info at tiki.org

In addition to sending the direct email to existing consultants, we should issue a "call for consultants" news item, too.


These samples are currently implemented on info.tiki.org (requires admin-level login).

Find a consultant

Uses the TRACKERLIST plugin:
Maybe use pretty tracker template for better UI? I (ricks99) don't all the radio buttons listed currently.

  • Anyone know how to better format the form (TRACKERFILTER)? I'd prefer to have all the radio buttons be a multi-select instead?

Search results

Uses pretty tracker:
Provides direct links to consultant's email, home page, and full profile.

Consultant profile

Uses pretty tracker
\ consultant_profile.png

Tiki Service Providers can:

  • Use the Tiki logo in their materials
    tiki consultant logo.png tiki_service_provider.png
  • Include the text Tiki Service Provider
  • Link to their specific profile page on tiki.org so visitor can check that consultant is in good standing
  • Maybe send request to tikiwiki-artwork mailing list then to get professional logo look from our graphics designers ?

Suggestion for the future:

  • Make a common request for quote tracker/form that people can fill out and it reaches all the consultants
  • Consultants should identify themselves as:
    • Junior
    • Intermediate
    • Senior

Brainstorming about the name:

  • Tiki consultant network (this conveys the collaboration idea)
  • Tiki services network (to include all services, including hosting)
  • Tiki Service Provider
    • "Service" to included all services
    • "Provider" to focus on the consultant not Tiki or the "network"
  • Tiki Registered Service Provider (registered as officialy on tiki.org - the logo would contain only the tiki logo + 3 words each on its own line next to it as in the "Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware" logo)
  • Tiki Service Provider Network or Tiki Service Provider Program?