What is TikiFest? A tradition in the TikiWiki community, a TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't usually meet. This is an opportunity, usually to drink adult beverages, get some laptops out and code wildly in group sessions and/or discuss about wiki technology and culture, etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff smile

This TikiFest (Mini) will happen Wednesday 26th, November 2008 in London, UK, and will be focused on community building and international relations (ok, mainly beer!).


November 26 14h -> 17h


At the bar of the Holiday Inn London-Camden Lock


Informal chit chat about wikis and TikiWiki

Contact info

+1-514-995-6272 or marclaporte --Idontwantspam- at tikiwiki.org

Who is attending


Please add your name here (but only if you plan to attend!)

Name Coming From Note
marclaporte Canada
Alain Désilets Canada I arrive in London around 11h.
Will check into the Ibis hotel, and will show up at the Holiday Inn around 14h.

Jonny Bradley can't make it on Wednesday but he'll be at the ASLIB Translating and the Computer 30 Conference Thursday evening cocktail

You? If you want to participate just add your name. Come as you are smile

After this event:

  1. 27-28 Novembre in London: Alain Désilets, Olaf-Michael Stefanov and Marc Laporte at Translating and the Compter 30
  2. Annual Symposium 2008: Force of Metadata
  3. 29-30 November and 1-2 December : TikiFest2008-Paris-2

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